California Riding Magazine • November, 2009

Psyllium-based supplement from
Manna Pro removes
sand from horses’ GI tract.

Trusted livestock feed manufacturer Manna Pro has just introduced a new, psyllium-based horse supplement to aid in the removal of sand from the digestive tract. Opti-Cleanse™ helps support normal GI health and function in horses of all ages. It is the only psyllium-based supplement enriched with Diamond V XPC™ yeast culture for added palatability.

Dr. Rob McCoy, Manna Pro’s Vice President of Nutrition, says horses that are fed on the ground or consume pasture grasses and hays may ingest dirt and sand, which accumulate in the GI tract. “Over time, the dirt and sand will build up in the intestines and eventually cause discomfort,” McCoy explains. “Some adult horses may carry 30-60 pounds before showing signs of pain.”

Although horses naturally rid their system of sand and dirt in their feces, the amount of sand is often too great to be eliminated naturally. “Psyllium-based supplements are widely regarded as the most safe and effective way to eliminate excess sand,” McCoy continues. Psyllium works by forming a gel-like substance in the intenstines, which increases bulk, softens stools and keeps things moving through the intestinal tract.

Manna Pro’s line of equine health supplements was developed by PhD nutritionists and is backed by Manna Pro’s satisfaction guarantee. Manna Pro is affiliated with the National Animal Supplements Council (NASC), and Opti-Cleanse carries the NASC Seal on its label. Only NASC member companies operating under the stringent guidelines of NASC for manufacturing, labeling and adverse event reporting, and demonstrating responsible participation are permitted to use the NASC Quality Seal.

Diamond V XPC™ yeast culture is a concentrated version of Diamond V Mills’ yeast culture products. Research has shown that horses fed diets supplemented with yeast culture digest more of the dry matter and fiber than horses that are not supplemented. The digestion of fiber in the horse results in the production of volatile fatty acids which the horse uses as a source of energy. Yeast also appears to improve feed palatability, which may help overcome the negative effects of less palatable feeds.

Opti-Cleanse offers a great value in the marketplace. It is sold in three-pound re-sealable poly bags, which represent a one-month treatment regimen. It is available through most retail locations that sell other Manna Pro products, including the company’s flagship product, Calf-Manna®. The suggested retail price for a one-month supply of Opti-Cleanse is $18.99 to $20.99, which is less than many competitive products, including those that lack the yeast culture additive.

Press release provided by Manna Pro.
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