California Riding Magazine • October, 2009

Halo Effect
Olive leaf complex offers super antioxidant benefits for horses and their humans.

by Penny Richards

HALO™ Leaf of Life has been used by humans in the U.S. for over two years with phenomenal health benefits and quick results. The antioxidant concentrate based on its main, unique ingredient, Fresh Olive Leaf Complex (FOLC), has been so successful that it is now being introduced to the equine marketplace as HALO 4 HORSES in partnership with Stan Kruml, an equine behavior specialist known as “The Horse’s Friend,” and Sunny Saxon, a certified equine bodyworker specializing in acupressure and sports massage.

Kruml met HALO™ Leaf of Life CEO, founder and product developer, Dr. Bill Clark at a Christmas party where Clark stated how much he liked Kruml’s knee high, authentic, lace-up cowboy boots. Kruml laughed and replied, “Yeah…so did the guy I took them off of!” The conversation eventually led to horses and health and that was the start of a warm and instant friendship.

Dr. Bill Clark, Sunny Saxon and Stan Kruml.

Kruml is a renowned horse expert with over a half century of experience. He has been a staunch believer in nutritional supplements for years, and is now a devout HALO Leaf of Life user. His vast knowledge of equine anatomy and physical needs prompted him to ask Clark if he had tried the product yet with horses. Clark researched the use of FOLC in the equine industry with his Australian partners to find that it been used internationally with great success. However, the HALO Leaf of Life product, based on FOLC, needed to be tested.

With years in the industry, Clark only produces products backed with science and integrity. Clark and Kruml performed the “HALO 4 HORSES Equine Research Study” at several ranches in San
Diego County with astounding results beyond their expectations.

“Sandy,” a paint broodmare at San Pasqual Valley Ranch.

FOLC is a natural anti-biotic, anti-viral, anti-yeast, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic. That, combined with six other powerful ingredients, makes HALO Leaf of Life a potent and versatile antioxidant with over 140,000 ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) per liter. The higher the ORAC the more potent the product for combating free radicals that cause “dis-eases.” Owners reported amazing changes in their horses in just a short period of time and were thrilled with what they saw – not only in their horses, but in themselves as well. Coats were shinier and healthier, immune systems were greatly enhanced, appetites increased, skin conditions cleared up and attitudes improved, to name just a few health benefits.

With only two ounces per day dosage for the horse simply added to feed, and a one ounce per day dosage for humans, HALO Leaf of Life is potent and affordable.

Remarkable Results

HALO 4 HORSES Equine Research Study testimonials including the following:

“Beautiful coat, improved appetite, his barrel racing times improved and with more focus.”

“Two horses sick with respiratory infections: one on antibiotics over a week and still had a cough, while the HALO horse was well within three days with no cough or drainage after two days! I’m sold!”
– Delia D.

“I began giving HALO to one of my rescue horses who was lethargic and exhibiting general stiffness and recovering from malnutrition. Within two weeks I observed tremendous improvement with her focus, energy level and fluidity of movement. I was so impressed with the quality and results that I joined the HALO team and put our entire family of humans, horses and dogs on the product. Thank you Dr. Bill for creating HALO!”
– Sunny S., Equine Balance

The olive grove in Queensland, Australia where the Fresh Olive Leaf Complex is produced. It’s the largest in the world with over a half million trees.

HALO 4 HORSES’ vision is to provide excellent health products that are unique and scientifically backed, as well as education and support to horse owners – especially new owners – with seminars in equine behavior. HALO™ Leaf of Life is proud to sponsor The HALOTM 4 HORSES Education Seminars throughout the Southern California area with Dr. Bill Clark, Stan Kruml and Sunny Saxon teaching their unique methods, expertise and talents in equine education and health, with future plans to host hands-on clinics as well.

Article provided by HALO Leaf Of Life. To order and learn more about HALO 4 HORSES and Education Seminars visit:; e-mail, or call 817-793-4300; and; e-mail or call 760-877-0945; and e-mail Sunny Saxon at Equine Balance at or call 949-310-0363.