California Riding Magazine • October, 2009

Review of:
Wild Horses: Black Hills Sanctuary

by John Wollums, Jr.

I would like to start this review with extreme praise. The photographs in Cris Peterson’s Wild Horses: Black Hills Sanctuary are astounding. Seeing the horses in their natural light is awe inspiring. This book could be classified as many things, but I would say that it is most likely a coffee table book. It has only 32 pages and is mostly filled with photographs.

It is about the American Mustang and the dream of a young man. His name is Dayton Hyde and he was so taken with horses that he shipped out to Oregon to his uncle’s ranch to learn more about them. He wanted to find out how he could help them. His main idea was to give them a place of their own. With all of the modernization of the world and fewer places for horses to go and live the lives they were intended to have, the horses deserved more, Dayton felt. He set up an area in South Dakota where they could live honorably.

The story of the American Mustang isn’t a strange one. This book shows the reader in an easy-to-understand yet eloquent manner the history of the wild horse population. I feel the greatest part of Wild Horses was that even though these horses are being born wild and living wild, we learn from them just as we learn from our own horses. If anyone has ever had a horse with little extra personality, then they will see these attitudes come alive as they read about the Painted Lady or Medicine Hattie, who are just some of the well-known horses of the Sanctuary.

Overall this book was outstanding with beautiful photographs and the history of one of the great American icons, the Mustang.

Reviewer John Woolums, Jr. is a Camp Pendleton horseman “who strives for new knowledge of horses everyday.”

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