California Riding Magazine • September, 2009

Show Report:
Reining By The Bay
Andrea Fappani slides to victory.

The 2009 Reining By The Bay competition, held at the Woodside Horsepark, received rave reviews from spectators and exhibitors and was a huge success. The competition was held July 21-26 and featured over $150,000 in total added money and prizes. It was also an FEI qualifying event. The proceeds from this year’s event benefited the Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA (PHS/SPCA).

Elite Rider Andrea Fappani was the leading reiner at this year’s competition, sweeping all three of the top positions in the $70,000 Added Derby. He won the event aboard Shiner Olena, placed second with Chromed Out Mercedes, and earned the third place award with Custom Harley.

Reining By The Bay Open Derby Winner Andrea Fappani and Shiner Olena.
Photo: Barb Ellison

“I took three really good horses this year. They are the best of all the horses I have in the barn,” noted Fappani, who is based in San Diego County’s San Marcos. “I think that the competition was a little bit tougher this year than it has been before. We had a few new people showing up from the Midwest, and that really made things interesting because there were quite a few good riders with high scores.”

Fappani admitted that Shiner Olena is a unique horse and that he has to be careful not to over-prepare him. “He’s an amazingly talented horse but he can be a little bit of an over-thinker,” he explained. “Before the show, I back off and let him relax. I didn’t prepare him for the pattern the way I normally do with the other horses, but it worked out really well. I never really have to ride him that hard.”

“I was a little bit concerned because he’s a pretty small horse, and it’s such a big arena. I didn’t know if the judges would like the look of him in the circles,” Fappani continued. “It probably didn’t look like he was going as fast as some of the other horses, but he has really good stops so I wanted to highlight those, and it worked out.”

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Fappani has been attending Reining By The Bay for the last six years and has always enjoyed the unique competition. “It’s a little bit more relaxed than other shows,” he said. “It’s a good place to take young horses to get their feet wet. The facility is beautiful, and there is always good weather. I always enjoy going to that show.”

Randy Paul of Scottsdale, AZ was victorious during the FEI Qualifying event with his mount, Rancho Oso Rio’s Starbucks Finest. “I was really happy with his run,” smiled Paul. “Starbucks Finest is a neat little horse. He’s one of those that doesn’t take a lot of training; he’s pretty broke and pretty finished.”

Randy Paul and Starbucks Finest - FEI Qualifier winners.
Photo: John O’Hara

“He’s one of those horses that you can’t get after too much or he gets a little scared,” Paul added. “He’s already trained, it’s just a matter of getting him in good condition. I was really happy with him at Reining By The Bay, he was really good and just went out there and did it.”
Paul enjoyed showing in the large outdoor arena at Reining By The Bay. “It’s a great place to show,” he said. “It has a nice big arena, and if you have a hard run you can really get running fast without getting nervous. You’re also up on the hill overlooking the bay, which is beautiful.”

Reining By The Bay sponsored the PHS/SPCA. The organization was in attendance at the event and brought animals available for adoption. “It was a very successful event for the PHS/SPCA’s homeless animals,” emphasized Ken White, PHS/SPCA President. “Animals found homes, funds were raised to help us help more homeless animals, we met new friends, and I believe we came away with a bunch of folks now wanting to help us in the future. All our staff and volunteers celebrated this amazing success, and we are deeply appreciative that Reining By The Bay made this possible!”

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