California Riding Magazine • September, 2009

Artist Bio:
Kathy Higgins Photography

Kathy Higgins’ first experience with a camera was in the fourth grade. “We had one of those old Brownie cameras, the kind you look into and everything is upside down,” she remembers.

That was all it took and she has been taking photos ever since.

Higgins pursued her love of art and photography and earned degrees from California State University, Fresno, and the University of California at Davis. But it was on a horse drive in Colorado a few years ago that she knew that she wanted to turn her hobby of taking photographs of horses into a profession. “The horse drive was a life changing experience for me,” Higgins reports. “I just knew that this was what I was meant to do and my life would never be the same.”

Much of her work focuses on the majesty and magic of the western lifestyle. She considers herself primarily an equine photographer, but her love of animal and people portraiture and nature is evident throughout her portfolio. Higgins’ subjects range from herds galloping the open plains to a zoomed-in equine eye reflecting the image of an American flag.

Unlike many equine photographers, Higgins didn’t know that much about horses when she began taking their pictures. “I was raised in a small agricultural town in Central California, but we did not have horses.” She began to take riding lessons. “If I was going to take photos of horses correctly, I needed to learn the timing of the different gaits.” Higgins says not only has learning to ride improved her photography, but she loves going to the barn to take her lessons. “To smell the smells, to kick up dirt and to be around people who know how fortunate we are to have horses in our lives… I could not imagine my life now without horses in it.”

Higgins has worked as the official photographer for many local horse shows around Sacramento where she lives. “I love shooting all different kinds of horse events and shows.” She also enjoys taking human and horse portraits, and especially those that capture the special bond between horse and human. “My best photos I think are the ones that show this bond,” she says. “I look for the little moments between the typical standard shots, a glance between horse and rider or a pat on the shoulder after an event.”

Higgins’ goal for this year was to have some of her photos published. That became a reality recently when her photos were published in a national equine magazine. “That was a dream come true for me,” Higgins enthuses. “I feel like I’m on a roll and am trying to keep the momentum going.”

Kathy Higgins is available for any kind of editorial assignment, horse show or event, and can travel. She can be contacted at, or 916-524-1062. Her work can be seen at