California Riding Magazine • September, 2009

Flying Changes


Guenter Seidel’s Championship Horse Numir Passes On

Jennifer Lee Donatt purchased Numir in Sweden from Arne Johansson in October 1986 at the age of 4. “He was 18 hands and we called him the ‘gentle giant’,” Donatt recalls with fondness. “He was special in many ways and truly a once in a lifetime horse.” Donatt was fortunate to have Guenter Seidel as her instructor and Numir progressed quickly through the levels.

In 1992 Dick and Jane Brown purchased Numir for Seidel and together they won the 1992 USET Intermediare Championships and the individual bronze medal at the 1994 US Olympic Festival. “His character is unexplainable but my license plate says it all: ‘2 U Numir!’” says Donatt.

Dark Horse Media Biz Launches

Equestrian media professionals Nan Meek and Patti Schofler have pooled 30-plus years of media and promotion experience to form Dark Horse Media Biz, a comprehensive communications and marketing company for equestrian businesses.

Their projects include the development of media materials, newsletters, magazines, advertising and marketing plans, writing and placement of articles, web and editorial content, special events, social networking and more that have assisted clients in reaching their goals.

For information on Dark Horse Media Biz, visit or contact Patti Schofler at 707-763-1065 or Nan Meek at 650-728-5064.

Equine Business University Opens

Equine Business University is an online university dedicated to serving the needs of the horse business public by offering classes in business, financial, tax and legal topics. Classes will start in the first quarter of 2010 and will be given by computer and telephone conference. Class offerings will include preparing business plans; equine business practices; accounting systems such as Equine Genii and Horse Business 101, among others. Paul Husband will serve as dean and president of the University.

“I have seen tax court opinions, time and again in which the horse owner loses, and the tax court criticizes the horsemen, saying: ‘Well, you studied breeding with breeders, and showing horses with trainers, but you never studied the business aspects of the horse business,’” says Husband. “Equine Business University will offer the horsemen classes which will enable them to overcome that argument.”

West Nile Virus: First 2009 Horse Death in California

In recent years, California has experienced the highest rate of West Nile virus incidents in the country and it now has recorded its first horse death for 2009 due to the disease spread by mosquitoes. The first horse death due to West Nile virus was reported near Tracy, in San Joaquin County, on Aug. 6. Officials encourage horse owners to vaccinate their animals against West Nile virus and are undertaking spraying to reduce mosquito populations.

Eventing Program Pioneer is Lost

Jack Le Goff, the man who defined the eventing program in the United States, passed away July 24 at the age of 78 in France. The legendary horseman revolutionized the United States equestrian program and defined an era with medals and championships. Le Goff’s coaching record at international championships was exemplary. His teams won medals at four consecutive Olympic Games and three consecutive World Championships. He brought some of the biggest names in the sport over the last three decades to fruition.