California Riding Magazine • April, 2009

Spanish Riding School Clinic
Marius Schreiner enthralls riders
of all levels and cultures.

by Danielle Rosaria

Riders from around the world once again came together as one community at the Marius Schreiner Clinic of Southern California, held at Brookside Equestrian in January. Marius, of the famous Spanish Riding School of Vienna, and internationally acclaimed riders from Germany, Portugal and the U.S. worked together to achieve a clear method of training that helps each rider and horse attain harmony, willingness and beauty.  

Throughout the course of the three days, Marius worked with many levels of horses and riders, consisting of a number of high-ranking trainers and students. Stefan Wolff, German Bereiter, trainer and clinician, participated in the clinic multiple times with Pensamento, a beautiful and talented FEI trained Lusitano stallion. Even in the complexity of FEI training, Marius continued to stress the importance of basic riding and the proper timing of the use of aids. Stefan and Marius worked harmoniously to help Pensamento achieve beautifully consistent piaffe, passage and tempo changes.

Clinic organizer Deanna Cummins and her Arabian gelding Shei Guy worked on the basics of Training Level, such as moving forward in front of the aids, keeping Shei Guy focused on his rider and working on proper transitions. “Marius offers so much to every rider,” Deanna comments. “Whether you are working on the beginning basics or the heights of Grand Prix. He works so precisely, helping the rider to achieve the most at their level. He always gives the rider a clear, kind vision of what should be worked on until his next visit.”

Jennifer O’Gara, a returning student from last year’s July clinic and an admirer of the Spanish Riding School, attended with her 3-year-old Friesian filly Tesia. “Last time Marius confirmed what I already knew from books about classical training and he helped me apply it to my horse,” she relays. On the lunge, Marius showed Jennifer the importance of proper movement in the three gaits to help prepare Tesia for under saddle work. He explained when and how to ask for a transition, as well as the importance of proper tack for lunging. “After five months of working with my filly, I felt it was time to get a checkup from Marius to see how we had progressed,” Jennifer continues. “We have progressed well since the last clinic and it is always a great experience to attend one of Marius’ clinics.”

Jennifer O’Gara, a returning student from the 2008 July clinic.

Repeat Customers

Brianna Tate returned to study with Marius after riding once in his July clinic. Brianna decided to ride all three days and found the great training benefits of back-to-back lessons. “Riding in one lesson in the past July clinic was helpful, but it could not compare to the amazing benefits three lessons offered to me and my horse’s training,” the rider says. “We improved so much with each lesson.” Brianna hopes to continue her training with Marius each time he holds a clinic here in Southern California.     

Many attending auditors watched with intensity over the three days. Malcolm Booth, an enthusiastic auditor and newly discovered fan of Marius’ teaching, watched with great enjoyment. Malcolm exclaims, “Out of the many classical trainers I have seen, this guy is one of the best!”

Carlos Carneiro, a native of Portugal and highly accomplished Grand Prix rider, participated multiple times with Unitario, a beautiful Lusitano gelding. Together they worked on the complexity of piaffe, passage and tempo changes. Marius and Carlos worked diligently to accomplish the rhythm and timing needed for Unitario to achieve an amazing performance.

Allie Burch, an eventing rider, revisited Marius’ clinic with her Thoroughbred gelding Sonny. “Last year in the July clinic, just having one lesson with Marius helped me so much! Sonny is doing so much better.” This time Allie decided two lessons would be even more beneficial than one.

 Throughout the course of the three days so many riders complimented Marius and one another. Numerous riders and auditors mentioned that the location, Brookside Equestrian, the clinician and the riders made this clinic a pleasure to attend. They are all looking forward to Marius’ next clinic here in Southern California.

For more information about upcoming and past clinics with Marius Schreiner please visit or contact Deanna Cummins at 909-731-7983; e-mail: