California Riding Magazine • April, 2009

Horsey Humor
Equestrian Singles Brings New Hope

by Bob Goddard

I think the person who came up with the idea for is a genius. Not only does the dating/social website bring horse lovers together, it also keeps horse lovers and non-horse lovers apart. In an obverse sort of way. You can be married to only one person at a time. At least, I think that’s still the case.

Mixed marriages can lead to bitterness. I once read an article about a guy who placed a personal ad on the side of his truck that read “Wanted: good woman. NO HORSES.” This was probably more of a statement than an ad and clearly needs no further elaboration.

I’m not saying an “I Love Horses/I Don’t” relationship can’t work. I know many couples who have been able to work through the myriad of financial and emotional issues that an “I Love Horses/Who Cares?” relationship entails and still talk to each other once in a while.

On the other hand, a “I Love Horses!/So Do I!” situation relieves a couple of the added points of conflict and stress. There’s enough of that normally in a marriage without piling another mess on it. As my wife is fond of saying “It’s not easy living with another person.”

Let’s be honest here. The “I Love Horses!/Not Me” relationship is a bigger problem for female equestrians (more properly, equestriennes) than it is for male equestrians (less properly, equestritors). Men are generally expected to have some stupidly expensive hobby. If they weren’t into horses, it would be something else.

Women on the other hand, have a long history of struggling to fit horses into a relationship. Or to be more precise, they have trouble fitting a relationship into horses. In the process, women have been know to employ a variety of coping mechanisms including begging, pleading, promising, trickery, manipulation, sneakiness, pouting, screaming and outright crying.

But enough about domestic life in mid-20th Century America. Today’s equestriennes are more likely to simply tell a prospective mate “That’s just the way it is. Love me, love my horse… or go (love) yourself.” And that’s the nice thing about, it saves the horsewoman from making that speech and the guy from having to hear it. The couple can fight about something else later.

Last year, Horse Illustrated reported the first known case of a baby born to parents who met on The child is physical evidence that the website works. I think it’s great that there are still young people out there willing to do their part in populating the world. If this is what it takes, I’m all for it.