California Riding Magazine • April, 2009

German Horse World
Steffen Ajem shares his native
knowledge, experience and connections with U.S. dressage enthusiasts.

Dressage trainer and rider Steffen Ajem brought a little bit of his native Germany with him when he moved to the United States four years ago.

Situated since February at Cleremont Stables in the Peninsula area’s Woodside, Steffen has a multi-faceted business in German Horse World. Through this business, Steffen merges his training and coaching skills together with a venue for riders to access the best horses, tack and apparel from his German homeland.

At his new Cleremont Stables location, Steffen welcomes students, horses and owners interested in partnering with his international goals. Regular training is available to riders in the area, and Steffen also makes himself available for clinics throughout the country.
As a rider and trainer, Steffen has already made his mark on the USEF’s Young Horse circuit. Last year he was invited to a Federation clinic with Scott Hassler aimed at helping the West Coast’s top international prospects reach their full potential. Lisa Wilcox and Jurgen Hoffman are additional U.S.-based professionals who have helped Steffen advance as a rider, trainer and coach. With two top young horses now, he is targeting this year’s Markel/USEF Young Horse Championships in Illinois and also the FEI World Breeding Championships in Verden, Germany.

He’s happy to share his ever-growing knowledge through the Training Tips section on his website, Some of the visitor questions he’s answered already include: What’s the difference between stretching into the bridle and being on the forehand?; I’ve got five minutes left before going into the show ring, what should I be focusing on?; and, What’s a good way of getting the horse to bend without pulling on the inside rein?

Another facet of German Horse World is helping riders find high quality German horses. He will escort clients to Germany on horse shopping trips that often visit 30 or 40 viable prospects on an average 10-day adventure. Steffen has ample German and European connections to locate and/or broker sporthorse imports.

German Goods

Dressage enthusiasts everywhere have access to unique German-made equestrian products through Steffen’s The online store’s offerings include casual and show attire, tack and horse boots, blankets and other equipment. All of it bears Steffen’s endorsement. Frustrations over high mark-up on German products or complete unavailability in the States of some of his favorite product lines inspired Steffen to start the retail endeavor. He began it on a small scale and has since amplified efforts to bring more German products to more people at the best possible prices.

Amateur rider Anne Bartlett became a fan of Steffen’s after riding in a Seattle clinic he gave several years ago. She continues to rely on his horsemanship expertise and has also become a big fan of German Horse World’s products, especially the Euroriding offerings.

Euroriding is a consortium of German tack shop owners who realized the potential for marketing equipment made of top quality materials left over after filling orders for large tack manufacturers. In the past 40 years, Euroriding has moved from a small group of local shop owners to the largest tack and clothing manufacturer in Europe. Through this, they have continued to focus on bringing top quality products to riders at prices that rival many mid-range products. “A nice, rolled leather double-bridle sells for $400,” Anne notes of an item more often priced in the $1,000 range. “Euroriding gives the quality of other premium brands of tack and clothing at a much better price.”

German Horse World is the first to make Euroriding’s equipment available in the United States. At present, they can be purchased only through the website, but German Horse World’s future plans include distributing the items through brick and mortar tack stores throughout the country.

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