California Riding Magazine • April, 2009

Draper Equine Products
Innovative product recycles equine energy with positive therapeutic effects.

by Erin Gilmore

Treadmills. Fly mesh. Rubber-soled shoes. All things that were developed for the benefit of people, and applied to horses with great success. When a horse person sees something that was made for humans and imagines how a horse could gain from the same technology, everyone benefits. Such is the case with holofiber, a unique fiber that was first developed to help diabetics improve
their circulation.

Kristin Draper was the horse person who first saw the benefits that holofiber could implement with horses. Her family owns Draper Knitting Company, which had incorporated the unique holofiber into a fabric formation that was being used in the human medical market. Holofiber is made of millions of microscopic gemstones that act as tiny mirrors, taking energy from the body and redirecting it back into muscles and the circulatory system, which increases blood flow and oxygenation. The process that holofiber initiates helps the body quicken the healing process. Because holofiber is embedded into the fabric, its effectiveness never fades or washes out. Human clinical trials of holofiber showed a 20 percent increase in circulation after less than an hour of use on the hands and feet of diabetic patients.

When the company became interested in bringing holofiber-infused products to the equine market, fellow horse person and marketing professional Cindy Laidlaw got involved. Her older Appaloosa gelding, Pocket, had stiffness issues, and would take at least 15 to 30 minutes to warm up at the beginning of every ride. When she began using the Draper Equine Therapy quarter sheet, she noticed a sudden change; her horse started to stretch his shoulders and neck immediately, and she no longer had to struggle to
achieve suppleness.

A Product is Born

Kristin partnered with Saratoga Horse Works in New York and developed a holofiber saddle pad. Polos, pillow wraps, stable blankets and coolers soon followed. Any type of swelling, either from injury or chronic soreness, compromises the body’s ability to keep circulation going.

Unlike other therapy products that can only be used for short periods, horses with stocking up issues in their legs or soreness in their muscles can wear the standing wraps and blankets for long periods of time. There’s no downside to the increase in circulation and muscle recovery that holofiber initiates.

A turning point came at Kentucky Rolex in 2008. Canadian equestrian team member Selena O’Hanlon picked up a holofiber saddle pad and began using it on Columbo, her Four Star partner and Olympic prospect. The 1994 Swedish Warmblood had issues relaxing through his back. After the dressage portion of Rolex, Selena was sold on the product. Judge Sally O’Conner noted the remarkable suppleness in Columbo’s back, and the pair qualified on their Rolex scores for the Beijing Olympics. Selena used the pad in Beijing and said that, as far as Columbo goes, he wears nothing else.

Human athletes are attracted to Draper Products for the same reason that horse owners are, and now both horses and humans are reaping the rewards that this product offers. Learn more about Draper Equine Therapy, and their complete lines of canine and human products, at