California Riding Magazine • April, 2009

Riding in comfort and style.

After 50-plus years of producing custom-made riding and fashion boots and shoes, Der-Dau could be forgiven for resting on its laurels. Instead, the Brooklyn-based company continues to bring new designs and functionality to its line of exquisitely crafted and fitted foot offerings.

Der-Dau’s newest riding boots are the Contour Zipper Boot and the Baby Collection. A favorite among professionals on the A hunter/jumper circuit, the Contour is crafted from a sleek, continuous piece of fine leather which provides a longer looking leg and a soft, flexible ankle for comfort in and out of the saddle. The Baby Collection is made of the softest leather available, thus eliminating entirely the period of breaking the boot in. As a custom made boot, like all in the Der-Dau catalog, the Baby collection may take a while to get, but it’s ready for long riding days the minute it arrives.

Der-Dau’s equestrian collection features footwear for every phase of the equestrian lifestyle. Jodphur and paddock boots and half-chaps are beautifully functional on non-show days, while every rider’s preference can be met in Der-Dau’s line of english boots. These include dress, dressage, field and hunt styles. Ninety percent of Der-Dau’s english boots are made of French calf leather, known for its softness and high quality.

Western enthusiasts, too, have their own extensive selection of boots. This line comes in an exciting variety of colors and leathers, including ostrich, iguana and sharkskin.

Exact foot and leg measurements are the first step in obtaining a Der-Dau custom boot. Company representatives attend many West Coast competitions, but if a session with them is not possible, Der-Dau provides a do-it-yourself measuring kit with very specific instructions. From there, craftsman match the measurements to customer’s design and leather preferences to create boots known for making their customers loyal for life. Richard Spooner, Hap Hansen and Susie Hutchison are among the West Coast equestrian celebrities who have chosen Der-Dau, but less famous riders get equal comfort, enjoyment and long life from these beautiful boots.

For more information on Der-Dau, please visit or call 1-800-DER-DAU6.