California Riding Magazine • January, 2009

Iron Horse Blankets
Designed with safety and performance in mind.

Newcomer Iron Horse Blankets has broken the mold of traditional equestrian blankets. Utilizing a revolutionary patent-pending design, the company has created the ultimate in their Stay-Put Blanket™.
Unlike traditional blankets which can pose safety issues for horses by turning, twisting and tangling of hardware and straps, the Stay-Put Blanket has a fit similar to that found in the human athletic wear brand called Under Armour. Utilizing velcro closures and unique wrap-around leg sleeves, it is adjustable, easy to use and offers a very secure fit. The blanket has a fantastic, worry-free design and Polartec fabric that performs very well in all types of weather, especially during extreme temperature fluctuations.

Caroline B. Hofland, owner of Andalusian, Peruvian Paso and Thoroughbred horses, has come to depend on the Stay-Put Blanket for rehabilitation of her injured horse as well as a comfort fit for her other horses. “I highly recommend this amazing blanket for horses who have muscle or back problems and for those that need to maintain an even and comfortable temperature. This blanket keeps my horses warm in the winter, has a breathable and water repellant fabric, and I don’t have to worry about straps breaking or the blanket falling off. I always use it to keep my white Andalusian, Majestad, clean after baths.

“My equine chiropractor and I are very impressed and pleased with the results of the Stay-Put Blanket,” Caroline continues. “I have used this blanket as therapy for my injured mare, Poema, who has back and muscle injuries. Her problem worsens or appears suddenly when there are drastic temperature fluctuations. The Stay-Put Blanket produced amazing results. Poema not only recovered faster from this last episode, she has also stayed sound. We were concerned with the weight and fit of traditional blankets on Poema’s injuries. Iron Horse has designed a very lightweight blanket that puts no pressure on my horse’s back. I feel comfortable leaving Poema blanketed in her stall without risk of injury or overheating.“

The Stay-Put Blanket, which has four-way stretch Polartec Windpro fabric, moves with the horse. This non-restrictive feature means that the horse is able to extend its stride fully instead of being impaired with traditional blankets. Because the inner lining stretches and is of a unique fleece material, there is no rubbing of the shoulders.

While the fabric is light in weight, it also offers winter warmth and 95 percent wind resistance. Breeder Annetta Coleman of High Valley Hanoverians in the North Georgia Mountains is a firm believer in the Stay-Put Blanket. “I absolutely love the design of this blanket. I feel confident when placing this blanket on our horses. No longer am I worried that one of our horses will become tangled up in straps or that the blanket will twist and fall. I am also relieved that I never have to worry about rub marks. And the ease of use is like none on the market. Now my trainers can spend more quality time with our horses doing the things that matter the most. This blanket can be secured on a horse in less than a minute and comes off even quicker. I could never imagine a blanket so easy to use. And when it comes to maintenance, no more lugging blankets over a fence and hosing them down. I simply throw these into my own washing machine.”

Iron Horse Blankets is a maker of Athletic Wear for the Athletic Horse™. Their blankets are worn by some of the highest ranking horses and riders in the world, including the seven-time Grand Prix National Champion of Ecuador, Sagitario. Stay-Put Blanket™ is available online at
Press release provided by Iron Horse Blankets.