California Riding Magazine • October, 2008

Majestic Equestrian
Trainer Pam Wangenheim leads by example.

Standing on a lush hillside in Ventura County’s Moorpark, Pam Wangenheim can see all 21 acres of her farm, Majestic Equestrian. The two full dressage courts and the exquisite 40-stall California style barn, with its four plush tack rooms and heated wash racks, blend gently into the hillside, mixing effortlessly with the neighboring citrus groves and avocado trees. The word peaceful springs to Pam’s mind, and it’s difficult for her to recall that only three years ago the property was just a junk yard.

“The property is so beautiful now it is hard to remember what it looked like before,” Pam reminisces. “When we first purchased it there was so much garbage! It was a real junk yard, with 17 Cadillacs, four mobile homes and even a few squatters. But even with all the trash, I always knew the property had potential.”

It took a great deal of imagination and a lot of hard work to transform a junk yard into a truly majestic property, but Pam was no stranger to hard work. She began riding as a child and spent part of her time as a junior and amateur riding hunters and jumpers. By the time she was 16 years old, Pam already understood the importance of building a strong foundation and developing solid basics. Pam found dressage work as the best way to develop solid horses and riders.

Developing a Competitive Edge

For over 20 years Pam has been striving to meet her own goals in the dressage world. As a professional trainer and instructor she has aided her students in achieving their personal and competitive goals. Leading by example, Pam has earned a United States Dressage Federation (USDF) bronze medal, a USDF silver medal and a USDF silver freestyle medal. She is presently inching toward Grand Prix with her own horse, Rio. Pam has competed successfully through Intermediare, but says she has never owned a horse with enough talent to reach the pinnacle of dressage training, Grand Prix. Pam also works with Friesians, preparing them for the show ring in both dressage and western. She recently returned from two successful breed shows.

“I always tell my students ‘don’t sacrifice your dreams because things don’t appear to be going your way.’ No matter what the obstacle in front of them, they need to keep moving forward. Every horse is different, and what they need in their training is different. But once you figure out what they need (horse and rider), you have to be very consistent. I found that the true key to success is consistency.”

Pam offers a full training program and accepts students of all levels from Junior to FEI. Her main focus is on preparing horses and riders for competition, and her students consistently excel and win championships each year. In 2007 she trained the DASC Student of the Year, in 2006 the CDS 2006 Junior Champion and she was named the DASC Trainer of the Year in 2004. But Pam insists that it takes more than top-notch training to bring home blue—it also requires trust, education and first class care.

Board at Majestic Equestrian is all-inclusive and there are no extra charges for necessary services such as blanketing, turn-outs and supplements/medication feedings. Every horse enjoys a large, airy stall with an automatic waterer and two free standing water buckets that are checked and filled twice a day. The stalls are lined with rubber mats and filled with pine shavings, and the feeding program includes three feedings per day.

“I have a number of clients that work full time and can only make it out to Majestic on the weekends. They love my program because it gives them peace of mind to know that their horses are always well cared for. Someone is always onsite, and the staff is experienced and familiar with every horse.”

Pam is currently accepting a limited number of new clients into Majestic’s training program. She also has 10 to 15 stalls available at her facility for a trainer with clientele.

For more information on Majestic Equestrian visit, call 805-390-5083 or e-mail