California Riding Magazine • August, 2008

Vigné Farms
New partnership perfects the equestrian
learning environment.

by Amie Celeste Beauregard

Imagine a perfect learning environment where everyone collaborates and supports each other. Where no one criticizes you for making a mistake or for admitting, god forbid, you didn’t know any better and you were just doing what you thought was correct or what you thought was best.

There is a place that is about having fun in an environment based on camaraderie and support; an environment that supports exploring education on all levels, whether it is dressage, jumping, eventing … or just wanting to become a better pleasure rider.

Vigné Farms and McRae Stables have united to create the perfect learning environment for both horse and rider. Come and see for yourself. We can help any rider who truly wants to learn and help any horse to advance toward their potential no matter what difficulty they may be having in trying to achieve their goal.

Amie Beauregard & Heidi McRae

We care about what your personal goals are. We are here to support you in achieving them. There is a big difference in an instructor and a good “teacher.” We pride ourselves on our ability to teach through delivering understanding rather than giving commands. This is what everyone who pays a professional should expect of that individual. Remember, you are paying them.

The same level of respect should be paid to the professional you hire. If you are asking for education you should feel comfortable taking the advice of the individual you have hired. If you find yourself constantly questioning and arguing with your teacher, maybe it’s not the right fit. Not everybody is suited to work together. It doesn’t mean that the trainer is no good or that the student is bad. It just might not be the right partnership. Don’t be afraid to explore your options.

When you look at a training barn, inspect the horses in it. Do they look happy? Do they have properly developed top lines? Are their coats healthy and are their eyes bright? These are very important factors that not enough people look at. Some people assume that if someone has trained a few horses to Grand Prix and has credentials that they are good. Nothing could be further from the truth. What expense does the horse pay? There is a way to successfully train to the upper levels without sacrificing the horses’ body and spirit ... this is where we come in.

We treat the horses like gymnasts or bodybuilders. If you want to train you must understand their muscular and skeletal structure. It’s the responsibility of the trainer to know proper development and in turn, educate the rider about the developmental process. As an example, think of your own physical development. Do you show the same courtesy to your horse that you show yourself? A human athlete wouldn’t successfully run a marathon without proper preparation. We have a responsibility to our horse to maintain physical fitness.

The rider must take into account the necessity of their personal physical fitness. It doesn’t mean you have to become an exercise fanatic but you should be able to hold a level of “tone” in your body to support yourself. This is what we help you with at Vigné Farms. We support you on all levels and help you to find the right structure to train every aspect necessary to achieve your goals.

We teach riders to instill confidence in the horse by having confidence in themselves. We give you a safe, professional environment to learn independence, so you can problem-solve on your own. Our teaching is all about trust, persistence and patience.
We like to think that lessons you learn here are valuable life lessons. We take our teaching seriously. We also think that learning to ride a horse is liberating and great fun.

And finally,
We believe in fun. And working hard. And having fun while working hard.
We believe that, in an instant, on-demand world, patience is still a virtue.
We believe in constant balance—on a horse and in life.
We believe that getting to know a horse is really about getting to know yourself.

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Article provided by Vigné Farms.