California Riding Magazine • August, 2008

The Spanish Are Coming!
Brazil’s best dressage Lusitanos
now in California.

Donna Richardson of Fox Run Farm and Roberta Pass of Sucandi Lusitanos are bringing some of the best dressage horses in Brazil to the United States. “I have fallen in love with this breed,” states Donna, a veteran dressage competitor based in San Diego County’s San Marcos. “They are so intelligent and trainable, not to say comfortable to ride. I also believe that certain individuals can be successful in Open dressage competition.” Although most Lusitanos are bred to piaffe, passage and pirouette, Donna and Roberta are specifically selecting horses that demonstrate elasticity, overstep in walk and ability to extend as well as collect in all gaits.

At present, there are two Lusitanos for sale at Fox Run Farm in San Marcos: a 6-year-old gelding, last year’s third level champion of all Brazil, and a 6-year-old stallion with lovely flying changes and piaffe. On the way are a 12-year-old Grand Prix stallion and a 4-year-old gelding.

“These horses have tremendous ability to focus on their riders,” Donna says. “My husband gave me two days’ notice that I was going to be the entertainment at an open air dinner for the Twin Oaks Valley Equestrian Council. I gulped, pulled out one of Jazzman’s old Fourth Level freestyles, and rode Venturoso through it once. This wonderful horse performed the next night at dusk, with tiki torches around the dressage ring and people eating and drinking at banquet tables five feet away. He’s only 6 and he never turned a hair! I’m not sure my Grand Prix horse could have done that.”

The Sucandi horses are piroplasmosis free, available for trial without a long flight to Brazil, and are priced in dollars rather than euros. “Lusitanos are suitable for amateurs as well as professionals with FEI aspirations. The stallions behave like geldings but have so much presence. I am looking forward to campaigning these horses myself – if they don’t all sell too fast,“ says Donna. “As Rociero XV has demonstrated, Spanish type horses are competitive at the highest levels. I can’t wait to get them into the show ring!”

For more information on these horses, visit or call 760-471-5422.