California Riding Magazine • August, 2008

Shave Down Shaving Cost
Use less with Perma Stall Plus.

"The problem with wood shavings is availability," explains the owner of Perma Stall Plus (Perma Stall). "Quality wood is expensive, so more and more wood based bedding products are just dust. You're also finding that a lot of the wood used to create wood bedding is second-hand fencing, which means it is most likely pressure treated wood that has been treated with arsenic."

Perma Stall Plus (Perma Stall) is made from commercial grade rice hulls that have been twice-cleaned, then coated in an antibacterial and a coagulant. The coagulant helps draw urine to the bottom of the bedding, reducing the ammonia smell and it helps pull the urine away from the horse. Perma Stall Plus (Perma Stall) also has an added drying agent and fly repellent.

With over 100 million tons of rice produced a year, rice hulls are a natural, renewable resource. More impressive is that despite the vast amounts of rice produce, using rice hulls can reduce a facilities' muck by up to 70 percent. Less to haul off helps reduce maintenance cost and cuts labor expenses.

"Essentially what we have created is a kitty litter for horses. Unlike wood or other shavings, the hulls slip right through the rake, so they remain in the stall and don't end up wasted in the haul-off pile. If you remove the solid waste twice a day from the stall, you can leave the wet spot there for days or even weeks. It all depends on the horse, the size of the stall and the time of year."

Perma Stall Plus (Perma Stall) also creates a far healthier stall environment for horses as it is non-allergenic and reduces dust. He has spoken with several physiotherapists that have found that the horses in their care on Perma Stall Plus (Perma Stall) require fewer adjustments than those on more traditional beddings.

Perma Stall Plus (Perma Stall) is available in bulk or bag across California, Arizona, New Mexico, Oregon, Neveda and Colorado with semi load available to barns and stables throughout the United States.

We carry Rice Hull Bedding, Perma Stall Wash and rice hull forks/rakes.

John Fowler is now the owner of Perma Stall Plus (Perma Stall), as of Jan. 2010. Perma Stall can be reached at 520-510-7632 or Visit for more information.