California Riding Magazine • August, 2008

Pebble Beach
Dressage Show 2008

Better And Better

by Nan Meek

At the close of last year’s Pebble Beach Dressage Show, Lynn Roberts, co-chair with Bea di Grazia, looked ahead to 2008 and promised, “It will be even better.”

Thanks to an incredibly dedicated show committee, beautiful show grounds, and a devoted group of exhibitors for whom Pebble Beach is a highlight of the show year, Lynn’s promise was fulfilled.
No thanks to the economy, however: With the cost of gas and diesel, plus the cost of hay, shavings and everything else associated with showing horses, it’s a testament to the allure of the legendary Pebble Beach Dressage Show that four rings were filled for four days with exciting dressage performances.

Exhibitors came from as far away as Canada, Colorado and Los Angeles, and as close to home as the venerable Pebble Beach Equestrian Center barns on the show grounds.

For Kelly Layne, a native Australian now residing in Colorado, it was a chance to revisit the Pebble Beach area where she and her American husband honeymooned eight years ago … and a chance to show her horses at this legendary venue.

For Jan Ebeling, it was a family trek north from Moorpark that included his wife Amy and son Ben, in addition to three horses. Most notably, Jan won the CDI-W FEI Grand Prix and the CDI-W FEI Grand Prix Freestyle with Rafalca, and took second with Louis Ferdinand in the USEF Developing Horse Qualifier behind Carolyn Adams on Don Devere.

Yet for every long-distance traveler and honor round leader, there are many more exhibitors who return to Pebble Beach each year. Is it the cool weather and swirling fog amid summer’s heat? The incredible array of perpetual trophies displayed during the silent auction that raises funds for the Young Riders? Maybe it’s the opportunity to share their passion for dressage with friends, both old and new, at a show that after more than 50 years still gets better every year.

Lynn, you were right: See you next year, when of course, the Pebble Beach Dressage Show will again be better than ever.

Jan Ebeling, riding Rafalca, won the CDI-W FEI Grand Prix Musical Freestyle
among other awards. Here they are shown in that split second of the
canter stride where two diagonal legs strike the ground simultaneously.
Photo: Bert V. Jensen

Waiting for the honor round for theCDI-W FEI Intermediare I to begin are
Melissa Hogan of Westlake Village on Diameter and
Kelly Layne of Parker, CO, on Raja.
Photo: Bert V. Jensen

Sabine Schut-Kery on Illiad, owned by Proud Meadows Farm,
demonstrate sidesaddle dressage with skill and grace.
Photo: Bert V. Jensen

Riders warm up in the cool fog at Pebble Beach.
Photo: Bert V. Jensen