California Riding Magazine • August, 2008

Ice Online
MacKinnon Ice Horse launches
informative new website

MacKinnon Inc. developer of Ice Horse® Equine Cold and Heat Therapy Products has launched a new informative website. MacKinnon Ice Horse is well known for their Ice Horse leg wraps for tendons, hocks and hooves as well as the original Ice Horse Continuous Flow Cold Water System with Passive Compression. The Ice Horse product line provides targeted cooling to highly stressed areas in the horse’s anatomy. The company has been a trusted name in equestrian healthcare for over a decade. 

The new website has a PDF feature with easy-to-download and print PDFs that outline how to use MacKinnon Ice Horse products. The PDFs also provide steps on how to get maximum results from all the products. 

There is also an education section that contains articles on the benefits of cold therapy and a very helpful question and answer section with responses to commonly asked questions about MacKinnon Ice Horse products. The new site is more informative and easy to navigate. Contact information for the company is easy to find and provides visitors with an opportunity to e-mail in their cold therapy questions. All questions are answered via e-mail or phone. The new site also allows viewers to locate the nearest dealer or order products directly online. 

Charles Dumbrell, President of MacKinnon, explains, “Cold therapy is important because it can prevent serious leg injuries, relieve pain and control swelling.” The unique FIRST + ICE inserts used in wraps from MacKinnon Ice Horse stay cold for up to two hours after being frozen. The Ice Horse products feature a unique design that conforms to the horse’s leg(s) to provide optimal results. While MacKinnon Ice Horse is best known for their cold therapy products, many of their products are used to heat stressed areas. Users may heat the product in the microwave or in boiling water to receive the added benefits of heat and cold therapy. 

MacKinnon Ice Horse products are used by top horsemen throughout the United States and abroad. Many riders praise the cold therapy products for their rapid results. This summer, many United States competitors will be using the cooling wraps on their horses in international competition. MacKinnon Ice Horse was recently inducted as an official supplier to the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) - just in time to keep our equine Olympic Eventing Team cool and ready to compete in Hong Kong. The new Ice Horse XC products that the US Eventing Team will be using in Hong Kong are also featured on the new website.

When discussing the cold therapy wraps she uses daily, international dressage competitor Susan Dutta says, “Inflammation is a normal event after physical exercise. Daily therapy with Ice Horse products snuffs out these small fires before they become a major blaze and more difficult to control.”

Another international competitor, Chester Weber, agrees with Dutta. Weber, a six time consecutive winner of the Four-in-Hand National Driving Championships has taken several sets of the Ice Horse boots to Europe. His summer European tour will finish after he represents the United States in the Driving World Championships. On his own website, Weber has added a link to MacKinnon Ice Horse’s updated site. 

To view the new website for MacKinnon Ice Horse, or for more information about their products, visit