California Riding Magazine • August, 2008

Equinology Retreat Courses:
Are They For You?

Learn equine massage in a relaxed environment.

Have you have been thinking about taking an equine body worker certification course, but want a more casual session, perhaps a course that is peppered with enjoyable activities? If so, join one of Equinology’s retreat courses this fall!

Equinology’s first retreat course is at Sea Ranch Stables on the north coast of California, Oct. 6-23. Equinology held its first retreat course at Sea Ranch Stables and received marvelous feedback. Staff says it was a great group of memorable students and everyone had a great time.

On off days, students took walks along the bluffs, on the beach and through the forest. Students sampled the local food and were privy to impromptu music sessions. There was also plenty of art to appreciate from all the local artists. Other recreation included kayaking, biking and swimming, for those looking for more exercise.

Please note that retreat classes require registration 60 days in advance, and the course is limited to eight participants. Equinology can provide registration after this date, but it’s based on availability.
If you have been thinking about visiting Hawaii, consider the Equinology course at the Turtle Bay Resort, Dec. 1-18. This course is limited to 10 participants, and Equinology is already receiving exciting inquires about the class. The resort and the stable are both thrilled to host the course.

Tuesday Frindt with Feather.

The course includes all the topics of Equinology’s signature equine body worker certification courses (EQ100 and EQ101): massage techniques and application for a full body session, deep and superficial muscle location, function and isolation, 80 point locations, understanding veterinary vocabulary and terminology, massage benefits, contraindications for massage, bony landmark/surface anatomy identification, stretches to isolate problem muscles, relation exercises for the horse, applied anatomy, work ethics, documenting sessions, subjective conformation and gait analysis, injury, exercising the horse after massage, marketing, introduction to dental issues, introduction to saddle fitting issues, session evaluation and observation forms included for business use.

For full course details and registration info visit For more information e-mail, or contact Equinology’s director of operations, Paul Hougard at 707-884-9963. For more information on the Turtle Bay Resort in Hawaii visit

This press release was provided by Equinology.