California Riding Magazine • July, 2008

The Suntelligent
SolarTack System

Innovative product powers
horse trailers and barns.

by Kathleen Burke Jensen

The Suntelligent SolarTack system makes bringing electricity to horse trailers and barns a snap. Company owner and inventor Doug MacIntosh designed the solar panels so that anyone can install them and they begin generating power right away.

After studying solar power for a few years, Doug had a brainstorm on an ordinary day. “I was out walking my dog and it hit me: the idea to put a solar panel on a golf cart to keep it powered,” Doug says. After much product research and development, he was promoting his panels at a golf tournament when a few horse owners walked up. “They told me I needed to offer this solution for horse trailers since they’re always out in the middle of nowhere without access to power,” explains Doug. “So, I did.”

The idea of the barn system has a similar story of serendipity. Doug was at the Western States Horse Expo last year to introduce his SolarTack Power Trailer charging system. Customers mistook the name to mean that the system was for a tack room, and another great idea was born. “The idea came straight out of the horse’s mouth, so to speak,” says Doug with a chuckle.

Trailer Charging System

The design for the horse trailer is a thin film solar panel with adhesive on the back that binds to the top of the trailer. The adhesive backing is peeled off and the panels are stuck to the trailer’s roof. The wiring is run through the air vent or a drilled hole. The wire runs to a charge controller and then charges a battery that delivers from 68 to 136 watts of power, depending on the model.

With a standard-sized battery bank and the optional power inverter, there is enough power to run clippers, a small microwave, a television or even make a pot of coffee. And all without the noise traditionally associated with generators. The panels come with a 20-year warranty so customers can be confident that they’ll have power for years to come.

The panels are 15” wide by 9’ long and customers can apply as many as they have space for on the roof of the trailer. They are completely aerodynamic and rated for hurricane force winds.

Barn Power

Suntelligent has utilized the latest solar technology to provide a “turn key” solution to power barns and tack rooms. By using the latest available solar technology, Suntelligent has produced the SolarTack Off Grid Power System (patent pending) which integrates a solar panel and an all-in-one box designed to fit in the corner of a tack room or barn. The system is small in size, simple to install and provides enough power to light up to five 80-watt lights for an hour. Capacity can be tripled by using the new compact fluorescent light bulbs. In addition, the system has outlets to run horse clippers or small appliances. All of the systems provide a good source for emergency power during natural disasters when power loss is especially challenging. The golf cart unit makes it possible to drive to any location and it provides instant electricity for charging cell phones, radios and other devices.

Suntelligent sponsors Diane Kastama, a gold medal winner at the 2006 International Paralympic Committee World Carriage Driving Championships for Drivers with Disabilities. With a customized electronic seat that lowers to the ground so she can get into her carriage, Diane had trouble keeping the batteries charged. After installing the Suntelligent SolarTack Power Trailer Charging System, Diane reports that her seat works without fail and the product provides other benefits. “People thought it was really cool when I was clipping my horses in Florida and my trailer wasn’t even hooked up to anything,” she says. “And in North Carolina all it did was rain off and on but there was still enough charging to charge up my carriage.”

For more information on Suntelligent products, contact Doug MacIntosh at 888-292-8885, or e-mail or visit