California Riding Magazine • July, 2008

Clinic With The Stars
Spanish Riding School instructor
makes rare visit to California.

The level of dressage riding in California is ever on the rise and most experts attribute that to availability of great instruction. Working with masters in the discipline is an opportunity dressage enthusiasts jump on and that’s the case with the July 18-20 appearance of Spanish Riding School instructor Marius Schreiner at W Farms in Chino Hills.
Bereiters from the famous font of classic dressage in Vienna typically become in-demand clinicians the minute they finish the 10 to 12 years of instruction it takes to reach that status. Clinic organizer Deanna Cummins has been working on nailing Marius down for over a year and is thrilled to have secured his visit.

Deanna, a dressage rider and equine sculptor, got the idea after riding in and auditing two clinics with the Spanish Riding School’s Rudolf Rostek, who visited the United States a few years ago. Participating with a green mount who opted to buck and rear its way through some of their session, Deanna loved the way Rudolf applied his basic 10-point riding system to her and her horse’s Training level challenges.

“We worked on basic walk, trot and canter. He always had me going forward, going forward and told me not to worry about the bucking and rearing, but to just work through it,” Deanna relays of the take-away techniques Rudolf imparted to her. “Everything he did was geared toward giving us riders confidence by having us understand what to do and why we were doing it.”

After that great experience with Rudolf, she received the master’s highest recommendation for having Marius come in and she began the long process of making that happen. Famous for its exhibitions with Lipizzaners, the Spanish Riding School trains its riders in the purest and most systematic form of classical dressage. As such, Deanna is confident that Marius’ instruction will be of the same insightful and practical nature as that she enjoyed from Rudolf.

A Spanish Riding School rider for 12 years, Marius trained the stallion Pluto Blanketta to Grand Prix and he rides this handsome horse and several others in the School’s performances. He also coaches students privately and gives clinics during the four vacation weeks allotted to School instructors during the year.

Each of the Chino Hills clinic’s three days will feature 10 spots for riders to work privately with Marius. He is well equipped to help pairs at literally every level of the sport. “If you want to work on lunging your horse, or on your seat while riding on the lunge line, he’ll do that,” Deanna says. At the opposite end of the spectrum, he welcomes Grand Prix competitors tackling that elite level’s most difficult demands. “He is very flexible,” Deanna notes.

At presstime, there were some rider spots available, but as word spread they were going quickly. Auditors are welcome throughout the weekend, for a $30 per day fee. Riders, auditors and fans are also invited to a welcome reception for Marius. It will be held Sun., July 20 at the Las Campanas restaurant in Rancho Cucamonga. A silent auction at the reception will feature books from the Spanish Riding School and copies of the Disney movie about its horses, Miracle Of The White Stallions.

For more information and to sign up, visit or call Deanna Cummins at 909-731-7983.