California Riding Magazine • July, 2008

Fly Free
Farnam offers dream vacation for two
in the California wine country.

Imagine spending the day riding through vineyards and down mountain trails, riding the same trails that Seabiscuit and his jockey, Red Pollard, trained on for their comeback to win the Santa Anita Handicap. Experience the taste of world-class wines at local wineries.
These are just a few of the activities the winner of this dream trip for two has in store for the grand prize winner of the Fly Free with Farnam Wine Country Vacation Sweepstakes. 

The grand prize winner will experience a vacation package that includes airfare and airport transportation, most meals, accommodations at the Cowboy Hideaway Ranch, five full days of trail riding and wine tasting, plus a winery tour on the day of arrival as well as on the day of departure. Hiking, fishing, boating, spa and sightseeing opportunities are also available. 

Additional prizes include:

  • 10 Second Prizes: $500 voucher to each winner for a shopping spree at winner’s favorite Farnam dealer, good toward Farnam Horse Products
  • 20 Third Prizes: One Farnam-embroidered groom tote bag with assorted Farnam Horse Products.
  • 60 Fourth Prizes: One Farnam-embroidered baseball cap.
  • 100 Fifth Prizes – One Endure® Roll-On for Horses.

Entry forms and complete details for the Fly Free with Farnam Wine Country Vacation Sweepstakes are available at local retailers and on No purchase is necessary to win. Online entries must be submitted by Aug. 29 at midnight (MST); mailed-in entries must be postmarked by Aug. 29 and received by Farnam by Sept. 8. Winners will be selected in a random drawing on Sept. 15 and notified by Oct. 15.

Farnam is introducing the Fly Free with Farnam Wine Country Vacation Sweepstakes to remind horse owners of the importance of keeping their horses and barns fly free with effective fly control. No single fly control product can solve the perennial fly control problem. Optimum fly control results can be achieved if owners implement a three-pronged approach. This comprehensive plan includes controlling insects on your horse, in the barn and in outside areas. 

Fly Away

Keeping flies and other insects off your horse is the ultimate goal. On-animal products include fly masks such as SuperMask® II and insecticidal/repellent wipes, spot-ons, lotions, ointments and fly sprays such as Endure® Sweat-Resistant Fly Spray and its counterpart for sensitive areas Endure® Roll-On for Horses. Endure® has become a very popular fly control product for horses—not only because it is so effective as a repellent, but because it is resistant to both sweat and water.  Endure® was honored as an Editor’s Choice by the Horse Journal, May 2008.

Fly control in the barn eliminates adult flies and prevents them from breeding. Flies breed in manure and other moist, decaying organic matter, so it’s important to keep the barn as clean as possible. Indoor premise controls for the barn area include insecticide-free traps, sticky traps and feed-thru fly control products such as SimpliFly® with LarvaStop™ feed-thru fly control which is proven to reduce fly populations by 97 to 100-percent* by breaking the fly life cycle and preventing the formation of fly larvae’s exoskeletons when they molt (resulting in their death).

Outdoor fly control helps reduce fly populations before they come into the barn and irritate your horse. By keeping outdoor areas clean and free of manure and other trash, owners eliminate fly breeding grounds and help keep fly populations down. Outdoor products placed on the perimeter of the property, such as Trap ‘n Toss™, contain a fly attractant to draw flies away from the barn.

Farnam Fly Control products are the official fly control products of the American Quarter Horse Association and United States Equestrian Federation.

Article provided by Farnam. For information about Farnam Horse Products, in the U.S. call toll free at 800-234-2269 or visit