California Riding Magazine • July, 2008

A Tall Order
Oakland Zoo asks Sierra HorseWear
to outfit its giraffe, Tiki

Sierra HorseWear, makers of Chaskit® Self-righting Horsewear and Sierra DogWear, was recently selected by the Oakland Zoo to provide a custom-made blanket for one of its giraffes, an 18 year old female named Tiki.

When the weather in the hills of Oakland is chilly, Zoo staff have sometimes seen Tiki shivering. In order to keep her warm and comfortable, they had resorted to a horse blanket. Although that blanket provided protection from the cold, they could only use it when a staff member was present because it neither fit properly nor fastened safely. The staff did not want Tiki to be injured because her blanket had slipped or a strap had snagged on something in her enclosure.

When the Zoo staff decided to try a custom-made blanket, they chose Sierra HorseWear to meet their needs. Because all Sierra HorseWear products are made-to-order, the Zoo staff were able to design a blanket to meet their specifications. They measured Tiki for a custom fit. They selected the weight and color of fabric, as well as the type and thickness of lining. They chose the fastening system, opting for Velcro instead of buckles, for a safe, secure and comfortable custom blanket for their giraffe.

Sierra HorseWear offers the same range of options on all its custom products, from blankets to sheets, for animals large and small. For further information or to place an order call 800-456-7408, or fax 209-293-7162, e-mail or visit