California Riding Magazine • July, 2008

Life After Racing
New non-profit seeks to help Thoroughbreds
who can no longer race or breed.

by Dawn Mellen

With the death of Eight Belles and the rush of Big Brown’s Triple Crown attempt, the lives of racing Thoroughbreds have been much on the minds of racing enthusiasts and everyday horse lovers alike.

As such, I want to tell you about After The Finish Line®. This is a funding 501 (c)(3) non-profit for Thoroughbred horses that can no longer race or breed. The donations we receive are given to Thoroughbred rescue organizations in California and throughout the United States that care for off-the-track Thoroughbreds. This helps to ensure their ongoing welfare while they wait to be adopted. We give the rescues yearly grants and monthly emergency funds. These talented horses can transition into an array of second/non-racing careers such as hunter/jumpers, dressage, trail horses and/or companion horses.

After the Finish Line exists to honor and respect these equine athletes. They work very hard for our enjoyment. We want to establish a loyal following of supporters, individuals, corporations and foundations, who realize the significance of the work we do to help the Thoroughbreds. As our donations increase, our ability to rescue more horses also increases.

So often we expect something tangible in return for our good deeds. The meaningful reward for this act of kindness is the ability to give life to an animal that is less fortunate. I believe there are many people in the greater San Diego area and throughout California that want to help this cause yet don’t know how. Together with After the Finish Line, we can work together to raise funds to save these magnificent Thoroughbreds.

The greatest victory for a Thoroughbred is not winning a race, but winning the race to live long past their days on the racetrack. There are alternatives to slaughter.

For more information about After the Finish Line, please visit our website, To inquire about our summer fundraiser please contact