California Riding Magazine • May, 2008

Labor Saver
The TeMax electric wheelbarrow
makes light work of heavy loads.

by Erna L. Adelson

With its many interchangeable attachments the
TeMax can be adapted to carry almost anything effortlessly.
Photo: Temove file photo

The German-built TeMax, an electrically powered wheelbarrow, conserves labor while adding environmental conscientiousness to any project. The TeMax increases labor efficiency at livestock operations and powered by a 24V DC electric motor that emits no pollutants.

Steve Keyser of SKEngineering in Fresno has been the sole North American distributor of the TeMax since its U.S. introduction last year. “My very first sales call was in Austria, and I could immediately see how well suited the product was for the client,” he says. “The TeMax really sells itself.” The Austrian customer was a family-run equine facility. “They could cut down on hours of manual labor each day at their hillside location.” Even though he spoke limited German, Keyser had no trouble understanding the customer’s enthusiasm for the TeMax.

The battery powered TeMax can transport
550 pounds of materials through any kind of terrain.
Photo: Marcotte Photography

The TeMax motor generates up to 1.5 horsepower. Steering is controlled manually and speed is controlled with a hand grip throttle that sends the command signal through a microprocessor controller to the motor. This gives continuously variable speed control from a crawl to a fast walking speed. With a reverse lever under the throttle the TeMax can be slowly driven in reverse. The TeMax can carry loads up to 550 pounds and operates quietly, making it ideal for use in midsize to large barns as it doesn’t spook animals. The environment is preserved because there are no air pollutants. This is also becoming important in communities where air quality control laws are limiting the use of small gas powered tools. The barrow body locks in place to prevent inadvertent tipping, and loads can be easily dumped by hand. A variety of attachments are available which can be removed or replaced without tools in less than five minutes.

Two 12V 45AHr gel cell batteries provide sufficient energy to operate the TeMax all day on a single charge, even when fully loaded and driven in hilly areas. Batteries can be recharged overnight for less than $.25 worth of electricity. The controller draws almost no power when TeMax is idle, and a power save feature in the controller turns off the power after 10 minutes without operation of the throttle. Power is reset by turning the power switch off for five seconds. Electronics are unaffected by rain or garden hose cleaning.

The TeMax carries three to four times as much as a standard wheelbarrow,
and without the backbreaking effort.
Photo: Marcotte Photography

Safety features include a lockable power switch, a “dead man’s lever” to prevent sudden or unplanned operation, an electronic parking brake, dynamic electronic braking to control downhill speed, anti-tip protection bars and hand protection bars. The TeMax limited warranty covers all components except normal wear items (the tires and the batteries) for two years for household or family use and 90 days for commercial, rental, or other revenue generating uses.

The TeMax is useful in more than just livestock environments. It is helpful in landscaping, construction, nurseries, warehouses and retail settings as well. Depending on the attachments and optional equipment selected, the TeMax retail price is between $3650 and $4650. Free delivery is provided to customers within California.

For more information, contact Steve Keyser of SKEngineering at or 559-776- 1719.