California Riding Magazine • June, 2008

Reclaim Your Tack Room
SmartPak Storage Bag offers alternative
for storing and dispensing SmartPaks™.

SmartPak™, an industry leader in customized, daily dose supplement packaging, introduces a new way to store and feed SmartPaks™ with the SmartPak Storage Bag. An alternative to the traditional plastic storage drawer, SmartPak Storage Bags hang on your horse’s stall door, making feeding supplements easier than ever and allowing you to reclaim your feed room. Just open the easily accessible top, pull out a SmartPak™ and then feed.

“We’re always asking customers for feedback. When some started telling us they’d prefer to store their SmartPaks™ next to the horses’ stalls, we knew we had to create something for them,” says Becky Minard, founder and senior vice president. “For some barns it’s just easier to feed SmartPaks™ when they’re hanging from the horse’s stall door versus stacking them all up in the feed room. It’s also a great option for those traveling to overnight shows, where storage space can be tight.”

And so the SmartPak Storage Bag was born. SmartPak™ teamed up with custom bag manufacturer Tally Ho, to create the Storage Bag. Made of tough 400 Denier nylon, the Storage Bag comes in two sizes; standard and large. The standard sized bag can accommodate a two week supply of a four-well SmartPak™ and is $22.95. The large size can accommodate a two week supply of a seven-well SmartPak and is $24.95.

“The feature we think horse owners will really enjoy is the complete customization SmartPak™ offers with the Storage Bag,” says Ian Parker, president of equine health. Customers can choose the body, trim and piping color from 19 available colors, allowing them to coordinate with their barn’s colors. The Storage Bags can also be embroidered for an even more personalized touch.

To order a SmartPak Storage Bag or learn more about it, visit the SmartPakTM online at or call 800-461-8898.
Press release provided by SmartPakTM.