California Riding Magazine • May, 2008

Rodeo Barns
Washington business makes its quality barns
and arenas available nationwide.

by Kathleen Burke Jensen

Rodeo Construction Inc. of Arlington, WA has been building high quality wood horse barns and covered riding arenas for 18 years in the Pacific Northwest. Due to nationwide demand for their barn designs they launched Rodeo Barns last year and are now able to offer their barns and arenas as packages delivered to any site in the U.S.

Drawing on their many years of building experience and working closely with their customers, Rodeo Barns has designed a complete package that combines functionality with beauty and style.

Owners Marc Dickson and Joel Edmonds and their employees all hail from the agricultural areas of Western Washington and have owned all types of animals and livestock. With a sales staff that boasts a wide variety of experience in agriculture, construction, building materials and logistics, Rodeo Barns enables customers to be confident about receiving sound advice in the sales process.

Rodeo Arena 60’ x 120’ located in Arlington, Washington.

Architect-designed Rodeo Barns combine the traditional appeal of timber framing with the benefit of modern pole building economy and ease of construction. Available in Monitor or Gable styles, their Horse Barn Kits and Pole Barn Kits can be shipped anywhere in the world.
Their classic wood barn kits are complete horse barn packages with interior features that include stalls, loft, tack room and a wash stall. All of their designs have been built by Rodeo Construction, Inc., experts in the specification and construction of equestrian facilities. The horse barn plans provide the industry’s best details and are drafted by professional architects (McClellan Architects) and engineers (Coffman Engineers). Quality of design and materials is assured by working closely with these partners and suppliers.

Rodeo Barn’s Riding Arena is a post frame design that comes with engineered steel scissor trusses, 29 gauge painted steel roofing and gable end metal in the color of the customer’s choice, a matching skirt wall and a canted ring liner.

Premier Gable 4060-1 with additional open shed row located in Park City, Utah.

A Barn For Everybody

There are four styles of barn packages available. The Standard Series barn package uses standard lumber and offers 12’ x 12’ stalls, wash stall and tack room, and a 12’ wide center aisle loft. The Premier Gable barn is a timber frame horse barn design and is the most popular barn. It is often the barn of choice when matching existing structures on a property. This timber barn includes 12’ x 14’ oversized stalls and wash and tack areas and has the most useable space when a full loft and shed-roof dormer are added. Rodeo Barns’ unique design enables a shed-roof dormer of any size on any of their premier gable packages.

The Premier Monitor barn is a timber frame horse barn design that comes with 12’ x 14’ oversized stalls and includes an oversized 12’ x 14’ wash stall and tack room. The Monitor Style Timber Frame Barn offers a raised center aisle section and presents a traditional look.
Rodeo Barns just launched a brand new barn package called the Backyard Series. This low profile, single pitch barn is a cost effective alternative for smaller properties. The package comes complete with final roofing product, complete stalls, stall fronts, Dutch doors and more. Packages run from $8,745 for a 2-stall barn to $20,235 for a 4-stall barn.

Standard Series 3624-1 with additional open shed row
located in Cle Elum, Washington.

“We provide a complete equine solution in barns and arenas,” explains sales representative Jeff White. “There was no way we could travel around the country building barns, so we created a series of quality offerings and our clients have been very happy with the result.”

Jeff emphasizes that everyone at Rodeo Barns has hands on experience in the lumber or construction industry. “I’ve physically built every package we have and most of our sales staff has this kind of experience,” he says. “We are dedicated to the equine industry, and have safe and durable products. We can build our customers any barn package for any climate or condition.”

For more information, contact Rodeo Barns at 866-403-8569 or visit

Premier Monitor 4060-1 with additional open shed row
located in Waitsberg, Washington.