California Riding Magazine • May, 2008

No Stalls a Rockin Tonight
Rockin J horse stalls are built to last.

Every horse owner wants to create a safe, secure and comfortable stall for their horse to rest and relax in. After all, many horses spend most of their day in a stall. As a horse owner, Rocky Gilreath, owner of Rockin J Stalls in Oklahoma, understands this. It was one of the reasons Rocky and his father, JR, founded Rockin J Horse Stalls.

They wanted to manufacture reasonably priced horse stalls that were attractive, safe, strong and durable. For 27 years, three generations of Gilreaths and the entire staff of Rockin J have remained dedicated to this mission and to providing quality workmanship.

“We don’t try to be the biggest,” says Rocky. “We just want to produce the best product for you and your horse. Too many people will spend a lot of the money on the shell, and then try to save money on the stalls. They will put in a light duty stall or just cattle panels. Cattle panels are dangerous; when your horse lies down and rolls they can put a leg through the bars. We make one of the heaviest stalls on the market — they’re built to last.”

There is no doubt that knowledge and experience are important components to manufacturing superior horse stalls. Rockin J takes it one step further to ensure the safety and longevity of their stalls. All Rockin J’s stalls are produced using solid all-welded construction, and door tracks and guides are welded on. The tops of boards are covered to prevent cribbing and bars are spaced two inches apart. They also use pre galvanized steel that is powder coated. Several color choices are available for powder coating.

“We can go out and sell anything under the sun, but if one horse gets hurt because we didn’t manufacture our products right, then we’re not doing our job,” explains Rocky. “We do everything we can to make our stalls as safe as possible. There are a lot of good products out there, but I really believe that when people see our stalls they’ll understand that dollar for dollar they’re getting a great deal with Rockin J horse stalls.”

Rockin J also produces stall accessories such as grills, rolling doors, full grill doors, drop panels, feed doors, swing feeders, water doors and hinged blanket bars.

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