California Riding Magazine • May, 2008

Riding Reader Writes:
The Old Barn

Bricks and mortar are only a small part
of a stable’s appeal.

by Patty Freeman, 12 years old

I suppose the favorite place of my life would be the old barn that introduced me to horses and some wonderful people many years ago. I’ve loved the warm, friendly barn itself. I’ve loved the people in it that have laughed, cried and blossomed to become persons and persons with talent. Like me, they have spent an unaccountable amount of hours in the barn. I’ve loved the many different creatures that have spent so much of their lives serving and delighting my friends and me.

The barn means many different things to me and has many personalities. It is the most special to me when I am alone with just the horses. Sometimes I will sit down and tell Red, the horse I am sponsoring, all my problems. He will flick his ears with interest and often he will nicker with understanding or advice. Sometimes I will dance with emotion, so deeply felt, which is uncharacteristic of me. But my polite and fascinated audience of horses cheers me on.

The barn represents happiness, despair, triumph and agony. It means a place to get away from your troubles and think them out. It means a place to learn about people, animals and life. And it has often made me positive that I am the luckiest child on the face of the earth.