California Riding Magazine • May, 2008

Janet Reed
Veteran dressage trainer takes tried and true methods to a new Poway location.

“We’re not big and don’t pretend to be.” That’s been Janet Reed’s Kandu Riding Club motto for many years. This philosophy enables her to deliver a unique training experience for both riders and horses. She recently moved her dressage training programs to a beautiful new facility located at 12811 Welton Lane in Poway, off Poway Road.

“I started as a trainer with a vision of providing quality training based on each student’s skill level and goals,” explains Janet, who has more than 40 years of experience and a long list of accomplishments as both a competitor and a trainer of people and horses. “Our new facility gives us what we need to continue providing a unique and customized learning experience so our students can achieve their goals.”

Janet is a United States Dressage Federation (USDF) associate instructor. Her students are all ages and all skill levels. Among her students are expert riders who compete locally and nationally. Those who are just beginning and those who have some experience but strive to achieve continual improvement just because they love the sport. She also instructs a 9-year-old autistic boy who is making amazing progress as a rider thanks to her ability to create programs based on the skill level of the individual rider.

Training is available both on site at Kandu Riding Club and through clinics with Janet. Lessons are done with Comtek Audio System which enables the student to easily hear the instructions. Video is available, too, and can be a great learning tool for many students.

Janet strives to form harmony between horse and rider. “I am a believer in a holistic approach to caring for my horses and creating harmony between the horse and rider,” she says. “Educating my students on these beliefs has helped to enrich my students’ outlook on life and their future.”

Over the years, Janet has built a reputation for being kind, gentle and careful with her clients’ horses. In addition to training riders Janet also trains horses. Her kinder, gentler yet firm approach works very well. She helps horses learn to be more responsive to their riders, to overcome bad habits and achieve more than their owners ever thought possible.

“Kandu” is more than just the name of the riding club. At Kandu both riders and horses can do great things thanks to the Janet, a trainer who cares about delivering a quality experience.

For more information on training or clinics with Janet Reed, please visit or call 800-871-3900.