California Riding Magazine • May, 2008

New Roofing Material
Keeps Barns Cooler

FCP Barns & Buildings’ innovation
benefits the environment and barn owners.

Summer is just around the corner and heat is one of the major problems facing barn owners, especially in Southern California. Excessive heat is not only uncomfortable for the horse and owner, it can also increase the potential for illness and disease. But FCP Barns & Buildings has found a solution -- ULTRA-Cool® roofing materials.

FCP Barns & Buildings is the first barn manufacturer to use ULTRA-Cool® roofing materials, a new system developed by BASF. This innovative new system reflects solar energy to keep barns 25-45 percent cooler.

It uses a simple principle: a barn’s roof is heated extensively by sunlight or solar energy, more so than the surrounding ambient air temperature. The greater the amount of heat a roof reflects, the less the amount of heat available to transfer to the barn’s interior. In the past, heat reflectivity could only be achieved by using light-colored roofing material instead of a dark-colored material. FCP’s ULTRA-Cool® roofing increases heat reflectivity without sacrificing color choice.

The revolutionary coating increases the reflectivity of colors, particularly medium to dark colors, thus promoting cooler interior spaces. ULTRA-Cool® not only increases a roof’s ability to reflect the sun’s energy, but also quickly emits any energy that it does absorb. This greatly reduces the barn’s interior temperature and increases the life of the roof.

Metal roofs already have many commonly recognized benefits such as fire-resistance, a lightweight, seamless integrity, a wide variety of color choices and longevity. ULTRA-Cool® roofs have all the same benefits as metal roofs and are available in the same colors and styles. Insulation can also be added for an even cooler effect.

ULTRA-Cool retains aesthetics.

Due to the increasing concerns about global warming and high energy costs, green building codes will become required and legislators in certain energy conscious districts are including cool roof requirements in their energy conservation program. FCP spokesmen say it is likely that all building codes will soon require cool roofing.

Conscious of this trend, FCP’s barns are environmentally friendly. ULTRA-Cool® is no exception. It allows equestrians to have a cooler barn at no extra cost, with the added bonus of helping the environment because ULTRA-Cool® is made from 100 percent recyclable material.

In a recent press release, BASF Corporation explained that the growth of urban areas has lead to an “Urban Heat Island” effect, with heat-absorbing roofs being among the chief culprits. These hotter-than-normal temperatures result in greater energy consumption. The excess heat and increased energy production has also led to alarming increases in the levels of smog and ozone. In addition, while aiding in lowering environmental temperatures and thus helping reduce smog levels, cool roofing provides cooler interior spaces. This, in turn, increases horses’ comfort and safety, and with less expansion and contraction roofs have a longer life expectancy.

With ULTRA-Cool, you can choose a darker-colored roof
without the solar heat concern.

But a cool roof is not only a good idea, it’s a responsible idea. As the world strives to become more ‘green,’ every barn owner can do their part, not only for themselves, but also for the earth.

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Article provided by FCP Barns & Buildings.