California Riding Magazine • May, 2008

Draper Equine Therapy
Holofiber® helps horse, human and canine bodies heal themselves.

The mechanism in all of Draper Equine Therapy’s products sounds a little too good to be true: A fiber that reflects the body’s released energy back into the body, relaxing capillaries and thus improving the flow of blood and oxygen throughout the system. Muscle soreness and stiffness and swelling are all positively affected by better blood flow, and recovery from exertion can be greatly accelerated. Even for the rare horse without any of these common issues, better blood flow equals better body balance and overall well-being.

Draper Equine spokesperson Cindy Laidlaw is used to skepticism about these dramatic claims. An equestrian herself, she and her horse have enjoyed the benefits of Draper’s offerings for years, but she doesn’t expect or need anybody to take her word about their effectiveness. She loves working the Draper booth at trade shows where faces usually light up on first touching the items on display. “You can see on people’s faces that they’re getting that tingling sensation,” Cindy reports.

Holofiber® is the seemingly magical catalyst. First made available to the public in January of 2003, the “smart fiber” is embedded with millions of microscopic gemstones which act as reflective mirrors for energy emitted from the body. It was originally used to help people suffering from diabetic neuropathy and atherosclerosis, like loss of sensation and a hardening of the arteries that results in diminished blood flow and other problems. Holofiber was eventually brought to the sports market, where it helped such world class athletes as Olympic triathlete Michelli Jones. Thanks to the innovations developed at Draper Equine Therapy, Holofiber is now being used to help non-human athletes.

The idea for adapting the benefits of Holofiber to horses was devised by Kristin Draper of the Draper Knitting Company, a family-owned textile company in Canton, MA that has been leading the textile industry for over 100 years.

“We started working with Holofiber early on,” Draper explains. “When we saw what it could do for humans, we decided to take it to the equine market.” Draper Equine’s products are carefully crafted by Saratoga Horseworks, Ltd., one of the nation’s most respected custom sew companies.

Saddle pads, indoor and outdoor blankets and polo wraps are a few of the company’s horse-oriented offerings. Riders get Holofiber goodies, too. Fitted t-shirts, socks, blankets, joint support sleeves and back support belts comprise the current Draper line of human helpers. The company also offers home therapy products including bedding and blankets and dogs’ needs are addressed through Draper Canine Therapy.

Sock It To Me

Socks are the foundation for the success of Draper’s therapy products and they continue to be the company’s best calling card, Cindy relays. First created as medical-grade socks to help diabetics and others with comprised circulation in their feet and ankles, Draper’s socks are now available in various options, from tall boot socks to short socks. The Holofiber footbed in all versions significantly reduces swelling and soreness in the foot and ankle. Customers who test drive the socks come back for more products 80 to 90 percent of the time, Cindy reports.

Draper Equine Therapy introduced its products to the horse market three years ago. At present they are only for sale through the company’s website, but word is spreading quickly nationally and especially in California where there is generally more receptivity to alternative forms of therapy.

Endurance riders were among the first equestrians to embrace Draper’s saddle pads, wraps and horse blankets, Cindy says. The fact that the Holofibers are built into equipment that riders and horses need anyway has helped their popularity. Often riding in high altitude and/or through the night, endurance competitors are drawn to the Holofiber horse blanket’s ability to keep their horses warm while re-energizing them. Eventers have found the blankets to be a big help in accelerating recovery time between phases and dressage enthusiasts have flocked to Draper Equine Therapy’s line as a way to keep their steeds happily performing at their peak.

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