California Riding Magazine • March, 2008

Loving the Log Look
Modulog cedar log siding gives homes and out buildings that log cabin look.

by Rebecca Sparenberg

“I have always had this idea floating around in my head that there had to be a way to get the warm, rustic look of a log cabin without using whole logs,” explains Ron Berge, owner of Modulog Industries, based in Portland, OR. Forty years ago Ron woke up one morning with the answer, Modulog’s Solid Cedar Siding.

He began researching the wood siding industry. Then he put together a prototype and eventually patented Modulog’s unique crisscrossing corner system -- which gives Modulog Cedar Log Siding the look of whole logs. However, Modulog’s siding uses 75 percent less wood and it is lighter and easier to handle than heavy logs.

“We buy the best possible cedar we can get, which is why we provide a lifetime warranty with our product,” explains Ron. “A lifetime warranty is saying a lot for wood. We use Western Red Cedar which we import from Canada. We have tried other woods in the past, but none have the longevity of the cedar we use, which has a straight grain and is a select grade and all kiln dried.”

Ron goes on to explain that cedar has a very low shrinkage factor and is well known for being resistant to decay, insects and mold, as well as warping or twisting - features that are very important when choosing a wood siding. Not to mention cedar just looks good on a house!

Modulog siding can be used to give new construction the look of logs for a fraction of the price, or to remodel both the exterior and/or interior of an existing house or out building, such as a barn. It can be installed directly over brick, stucco and many types of flat panel and lap siding. While the installation is easy and many first time installers have no problems following the easy step-by-step directions, a contractor can be used if the home owner doesn’t have the time or inclination to do the job. 

“We try to make everything very simple for our customers, which is why we put together Modulog Conversion Kits. The kits come with everything they will need to remodel their house.” In addition to log siding and corner assemblies, the kits come with a trim package for the doors and windows and include fixture bases, outlet trim, rustic vents, wood columns and rustic railings for the porch or deck to complete the log look. Modulog can even pre-stain the entire order. Treating the siding with a semi-transparent, oil-based stain, such as Olympic Stain, lengthens the life of the wood and provides a maintainable surface.

Modulog siding can go on all types of homes. In fact, Modulog has even supplied factories with siding for their manufactured homes. But Ron feels their niche has been, and always will be, the individual home owner who loves their property, is ready to remodel or build new, and has always admired the look of logs. 

For more information on Modulog’s cedar log siding -- installation, pricing or their lifetime warranty -- visit Modulog online at or call 800-537-8606.