California Riding Magazine • January, 2008

More Than a Bit of Bling
Healing Stones Jewelry strives to empower women with one-of-a-kind
bracelets, necklaces and pendants.

Horses represent different things to different women: in myth horses symbolize strength, freedom and grace. Elaine Maginn Sonne, Ph.D., owner of Healing Stones Jewelry, understands this, so each of her horse-inspired pieces is unique and represents something different to the individual wearer.

“Jewelry is a talisman; it is a symbol that represents what you are feeling or reinforces who you are aspiring to be,” explains Elaine, who also holds a Ph.D. in Spiritual Psychology. “I’ve always been fascinated by ancient religions and two years ago I came across the Celtic horse goddess, Epona. I was so inspired by her that I began to delve into that incredible connection women and horses have. Epona and the horse symbolize that wild part of a woman that refuses to be captured, trained, corralled, roped or rode. Women love horses because we relate to their instinct to be free, to run with the wind in our mane.”

Elaine has been a spiritual counselor for over 20 years and originally began making jewelry just for her clients. Her clients had related to Elaine how inspired they felt during their sessions, but how they struggled to maintain that feeling throughout the week. Originally, she gave them specific gemstones, which eventually evolved into gemstone bracelets. This introduced her to the healing power of gemstones and the empowerment of jewelry. It also started Elaine on a new journey in her life.

Elaine says her jewelry is not about baubles and beads, “My jewelry is beauty with a purpose. I will have someone come up to me at a show and really connect with a certain piece. They may not know why they are drawn to that specific piece until I explain to them what myth or symbol inspired me to create it, or what that particular gemstone represents, then something will click. Perhaps they are drawn to a piece with a lot of turquoise; turquoise revitalizes life leadership abilities. We all have our own ‘myth,’ or our own story that we are trying to write. Jewelry and gemstones empower and energize us and when we wear them they become incorporated into our myth.”

Every piece of jewelry made by Elaine is an exclusive, one-of-a-kind, handmade and numbered collectible art piece that comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. In addition to her Epona line, which centers around horses, women and the goddess, Elaine also has several other lines and makes custom jewelry.

For more information on Healing Stones Jewelry or to read Elaine’s online newsletter, The Alchemist, visit, e-mail or call 323-469-8098.