California Riding Magazine • January, 2008

Original Grand Flex
with a New Kick

Grand Meadows Nutritional Products
launches their new, improved joint supplement.

Grand Meadows Nutritional Products, Inc. of Orange County’s Orange, is proud to announce the introduction of their newest equine joint supplement, MEGA Grand Flex. “MEGA Grand Flex is designed to help horses that have not responded to traditional ingredient levels in joint support products,” reports Nick Hartog, president of Grand Meadows. “We recognized that the joint supplements market needed a product for horses whose joint issues required a more aggressive, safer approach, and owners wanted an alternative to injections or quick fix remedies.”

Grand Meadows has led the equine joint supplement market with carefully researched clinical formulas that use the highest levels of tested, high-quality ingredients to formulate a full range of products: Original Grand Flex, Grand H.A., Grand H.A. Synergy, Grand Hoof, Grand Hoof Pellets, Grand Vite, Grand Coat and Grand Complete, joined now by MEGA Grand Flex.

“Our research supports that our original Grand Flex product, when provided to horses as part of a long-term maintenance program, was very effective in providing the joint support most horses needed. However, we found that some horses, those who had suffered prior injuries or those who were being ridden hard in some of the more aggressive disciplines, needed a little ‘extra help’ in keeping their joints healthy. MEGA Grand Flex delivers 12,500mg of Glucosamine and 10,000mg of MSM per measure. The combination of these two ingredients, along with the co-factors of our original Grand Flex, make the resulting formulation more effective for those horses that need extra help when other joint therapies have not been successful. It may not be necessary to use MEGA Grand Flex on a long-term basis, so we encourage our customers, once a particular joint health issue has passed, to continue a maintenance program with our long-term joint health products, Grand Flex, Grand H.A., or Grand H.A. Synergy.”

Hartog went on to report that since 1987, Grand Meadows has created a comprehensive line of effective, cost efficient equine and canine supplements to provide maintenance and long-term health support. “It is always more advisable to put animals on a preventative health regimen than to try to treat an ailment that could have benefited by keeping the animal healthier in the first place. At the very least, long-term joint, hoof and overall health support lessens the probability of an injury occurring by keeping animals healthier from the get-go. It has been our priority from the beginning to create the most effective health support equine supplements available; to be administered in an on-going support program. That is not to say that injuries won’t still happen, but with our 20-plus years experience, we have found that horses on a long-term joint support regimen are healthier, longer, with little report of injury, than those that are not supplemented regularly, or not at all.”

The Grand Meadows full line of products, ingredients and the article, The Truth about Joint Supplements, are located on Grand Meadow’s website at For more information call 800-255-2962 to talk with Grand Meadows’ professional customer care staff.

Press release proviced by Grand Meadows.