California Riding Magazine • January, 2008

Fire Solutions, LLC.
Economical, efficient and environmentally-friendly fire suppression systems.

Residents of rural and urban interface areas have long known that when fire is creeping toward a barn or engulfing a house, water can be scarce, fire extinguishers can be hard to find, and if they’re lucky, fire and rescue trucks are only 15 minutes away. While 15 minutes may not seem like much time, when it comes to squelching a fire, every minute counts.

Wes Hunter, co-owner of Fire Solutions, LLC, knows this for a fact. It’s one of the reasons Wes and his partner, Rick Herson, set about developing easy to use, fire suppression tools for home owners.
“Our premise was to develop a fire suppression system that could be used in a situation where there was no water, no power and the person using it wasn’t a trained fire fighter,” explains Wes. The end result was Fire Solutions’ Home Pro: a totally self-contained, Compressed Air Foam System (CAFS), which is safe and easy to operate.

“Most fires spread very rapidly, and stress can cause you to forget simple things,” says Wes. “The Home Pro requires no training, and activation is simple and straight forward. There is no manual required to operate, and the directions are right on the unit. You simply turn one lever a quarter of a turn and it’s ready to go.”

Virtually maintenance free, all of Fire Solutions’ CAFS units come ready to operate when delivered -- just add water. The fire suppression foam is bio-degradable and detergent based, which means it will not stain and is safe to use both externally and internally. It is the same fire suppressive foam major race tracks have used for years to put out fires in race cars as well as by many fire departments and federal fire agencies to suppress fires. The fire foam is so safe Wes says it can even be sprayed on shrubbery, animals or people; something the staff of Fire Solutions has already tested on each other.
“You can attack fires directly, and because it is foam you can use it inside without causing water damage. Once you spray it, the foam will stick for a quite a while. So if you’re told to evacuate, you can spray your home and barn, and the foam will stay and act as a fire deterrent. Then you can take your family and animals to safety and leave the CAFS unit for fire fighters to use.”

While Fire Solutions is new to California, their Home Pro and professional systems -- the Rapid Response Units, which range in size from 10-120 gallons (or higher) -- have been successful in subduing fires across the United States. Their list of clientele is already long and impressive, and includes the United States Forest Service, multiple state and county highway departments, the military, federal government and several foreign countries.

But Wes says Fire Solutions’ primary focus will always be aiding the solitary home or farm owner who could save their property by simply having the right knowledge and fire suppression tools.

For more information on Fire Solutions visit, call 888-805-8155, email or visit one of their three California distributors.