February 2015 - Act Now: Enjoy Later
Written by Press Release
Wednesday, 04 February 2015 05:08

Now is the time to prevent this summer’s flies with Fly Eliminators.

It’s never too soon to start thinking about flies. Everyone knows flies and horses don’t mix. Flies transmit diseases, cause irritation and stress. Good thing there are Fly Eliminators™.

What are Fly Eliminators? Believe it or not, they’re tiny little insects that parasitize the pupal stages of flies so flies never have a chance to bother you, your horses, other animals and pets or your neighbors. They are not predacious, instead they are parasitic and are commonly called fly parasites. They will not bother horses, people or pets. They only seek out fly pupae in which to breed and feed upon.

Fly Eliminators are not a secret. They have been used for the last 30 years by horse and livestock owners, feedlots, dairies, swine and poultry operations and major racetracks like Churchill Downs. These little guys really work!

The secret is to get started early on a Fly Eliminator program before the flies carry you and the horses off. It’s usually recommended that you start applying your Fly Eliminators when the ambient temperature outside is around 40°-plus for the high of the day, which interestingly coincides with when you may have noticed that very first fly of the season. That’s your tip-off to get started on the Fly Eliminator program.

Here’s how it works. First, you will have to determine how many fly parasites you will need and how often. This can be done online or by phone. The way you determine what you will need is based upon the number of horses and animals you have, your level of manure management and overall fly situation.

For example, if you have two to five horses, you generally would order a half-unit of Fly Eliminators to be delivered every three weeks throughout the duration of your fly season. If you live in the middle latitudes of the country, you most likely would begin your program sometime around the middle of March and end around the middle of September. The cost per shipment, including USPS shipping, is only $16.95 when a program is purchased before April 31, 2015.

Imagine the bliss of not having to battle the flies this year. Join the thousands of satisfied horse owners who use a natural, biological approach for their fly control. It’s cost effective, easy to use and makes good horse sense.

Press release provided by Arbico Organics. To sign up for your biological fly control program using Fly Eliminators™ or to request a free trial shipment, go to www.arbico-organics.com or call toll free to 800-SOS-BUGS.