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Break the fly lifecycle with Farnam's SimpliFly! This feed-through fly control contains a reduced risk pesticide that is EPA approved and tastes great! Learn how SimpliFly works to help you create your No Fly Zone.

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Veterinarian’s Perspective on the Pandemic.

No reported incidences of horses getting the SARS-CoV 2 virus.“Unprecedented” seems an understatement when describing the wide-ranging impact... Read more


Is My Horse At Risk?

What do we know about the potential COVID-19 threat to and from horses, cats and dogs?Dr David Marlin

March 18, 2020. At the time of... Read more

Cancellation of the Del Mar National Horse Show To our valued exhibitors, vendors, participants and patrons,We must unfortunately announce the cancellation of this year's Del Mar National Horse... Read more

Statement from EquiJet Regarding COVID-19

Califon, N.J. - Mar. 15, 2020 -  As a domestic and international transportation provider for equines, EquiJet is closely monitoring the... Read more

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