November 2018 - It’s time to get serious about holiday shopping for family & friends!
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Thursday, 01 November 2018 04:15
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Dr. Cook Bitless Bridle

The Dr. Cook Bitless Bridle was developed after years of research. The design allows gentle effective control with pressure that is distributed evenly around the horses head. Sometimes when you just can’t find a bit that works trying the Dr. Cook Bitless Bridle could be the answer to your problems.



nov2018 gbg1The Dr. Cook Bitless Bridle is marketed all over the world and used in all disciplines. Western & english styles with prices starting at $69.95, it is easier than ever to go bitless. Made in the USA out of premium American materials.

To order, visit or call 877-942-4277.


Capistrano Trails

Longtime San Juan resident, author and historian Donna L. Friess, Ph.D. has released her latest work Capistrano Trails, Ride for the Brand at just the right time to make it an ideal gift for Orange County equestrians. Unlike many local historical accounts, Capistrano Trails memorializes the stories and history of the horses that shaped San Juan Capistrano as Horse Capital of the West Coast.

Capistrano Trails explores the question of how San Juan Capistrano remains connected to its Old West roots as the book takes the reader through the horse’s Ice Age beginnings, through the Mission Periods and Rancho Era, to today’s horse-friendly San Juan Capistrano community.

nov2018 gbg2

The book was initially conceived in early 2017 while Friess studied to become Mission San Juan Capistrano docent. Stories describing the 19th Century pueblo lives of Mission San Juan Capistrano parishioners told to resident priest Father John O’Sullivan sparked her imagination. An avid equestrian, Friess believes the San Juan community has defied all odds by preserving its historic character and equestrian culture.

Friess said, “I knew that somehow I wanted to contribute something unique to the history of San Juan Capistrano, but I did not want to repeat what others had already written.”

The 250-page oral history includes a mix of narration and first-person accounts from past and present equestrian legends Marguerite “Daisy” O’Neill, Tony Forster, Colonel Jim Williams, Richard Egan, Richard O’Neill, Sr., Gilbert Aguirre, Kathy Holman and Fred Love to name a few. It features historic and modern photos and illustrations in addition to a San Juan Capistrano’s timeline dating back to 1776.

Donna says, “This was a thrilling project for me and I can’t wait to share it with the community.”

Capistrano Trails is available at in Kindle format, black and white print and hard-back color print. Proceeds benefit a variety of local charitable causes.

For more information, visit

Plush Pets

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Original Sock Dogs

* Personal Pick, from Riding’s Creative Director, Alicia *

When my dog, Ozzie, passed away in late 2016 I was devastated. My husband and I don’t have children, and he was our “child.” I wanted something special to remember him by and found Original Sock Dogs.

Stacey Hsu is the amazing woman who makes every single Sock Dog, and she donates a portion of every sale to animal rescue. Being involved in animal rescue myself, this was very important to me. I contacted Stacey and ordered my custom sock dog of Ozzie. She was very hands on and we exchanged several emails - she wanted to know Ozzie’s story, to help her get to know him before she started.

I sent several photos and probably wrote her a book about my boy. She continued to contact me while she worked on him, giving me updates and asking questions. She even offered to sew some of his ashes into the plush, which I thought was incredibly sweet. I mailed her a vial of his ashes and she sewed them into a small soft pouch inside his chest. When he arrived I was speechless. He was perfect. She was so detailed with every part of him, including his unique markings and even gave him a pink belly!

I highly recommend Stacey and Custom Sock Dogs. She doesn’t just make dogs - she’s made horses, cats and even goats! If you’re looking for a keepsake of your beloved pet(s) you’ll be very happy with Custom Sock Dogs.

For more information, visit

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Cuddle Clones

Working from uploaded pictures and characteristics of your horse, Cuddle Clones makes plush reproductions that can be a great gift for horse crazy kids and adults. They also make plush toys of other pets. The process does take a while, so best get going!

For more information, visit

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Boy O Boy Bridleworks

“Show your true colors!” is the motto for an extensive line of browbands, belts, dog collars and more from this equestrian-inspired company. The Custom Stirrup Buckle Belt is a popular mainstay that showcases the handmade products’ spirit and quality.

Inspired by traditional woven ribbon browbands, the stirrup buckle belts give a classic look with a modern twist. “We weave heavy grosgrain ribbon around a flexible webbing base, line it with soft chap leather and finish it with a traditional English stirrup buckle and the finest quality American bridle leather,” explains company founder Amanda Hood.

The belts are pre-treated for stains to help keep them looking vibrant through hard use and long wear in competition, around the barn, or at the office. Wipe them periodically with a clean, damp sponge to keep them fresh and looking their best. Choose from thousands of possible combinations to match barn colors or racing silks, coordinate your team or Pony Club’s look, celebrate a holiday, or support your alma mater. Complete your look with a matching browband or keychain.

Browbands, show leads, key chains and dog collars and leashes are among the brand’s most popular items. Custom embroidery is an option on almost all.

For more information, visit and navigate to Boy O Boy Bridleworks.