September 2015 - US Performance Academy
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Wednesday, 02 September 2015 01:47
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Innovative program enables serious student athletes to  excel in sport and school.

There are only 24 hours in a day; which can be a problem for student-athletes who are juggling academics and athletics. Imagine if your riding schedule was seamlessly integrated with your academic requirements. With US Performance Academy, your school follows you wherever you ride. There are multiple student support elements designed to incorporate the demands of riding without sacrificing your school experience. Socially, you aren’t working through stacks of make-up worksheets alongside tutors. Instead, you’re connected to like-minded athletes, fellow riders, and learning coaches from around the nation who understand your schedule and can relate. For parents, there isn’t added expenses of multiple tutors. You can stop managing absences from school while trying to support your child while they pursue their dreams. US Performance Academy is the elite, digital, independent school for today’s serious athlete.

Joe Jacobi, a USPA parent says, “USPA is an absolute game changer for education and high performance sports for young athletes. When you give athletes the opportunity to align something as important their academics with their athletic pursuits, and blend those together in a way that you know is going to shape and benefit the student-athlete in their life forever, I think the question becomes, how can you not be taking a look at a program like USPA?”

Combining advanced technology with high-performance athletics, students are enabled to take their learning with them utilizing NCAA approved and accredited courses and 24/7 content expert support. This access is paired with a customizable academic calendar, built to ensure that student-athletes are able to focus during competitions. The focus on student-athlete development will help him or her strive to achieve their personal best in both academics and sport.

“During competitions, it’s really nice because I can take a couple days off to set my mind to competition. Then I come back, work on school, and try to get ahead before the next competition.” says Seu, USPA student.

Kimberly Dow, USPA Chief of Academics says, “We expect our students to contribute in multiple ways to the USPA community. We build incredible relationships with our students and expect them to excel in our learning environment.

Whether it’s meeting with our college counseling department to work on their learning plan, or simply attending an all school meeting. With our unique approach, our students take ownership of their own learning.”

Pete Smith, USPA President, stresses the importance of being up front with families regarding their expectations around all aspects of the school. “We readily acknowledge that there are certain aspects of our program that are different than both brick and mortar programs and your typical, free, virtual option. USPA combines multiple elements that support our students. Whether it’s the individual learning coach who liaisons with the family, or our college counseling office and four year learning plan, our approach is unique. The combination of these pieces presents an entirely different value proposition for families. You are joining a community of like-minded athletes from around the globe, attending a school with high academic expectations, with an emphasis on the importance of pursuing athletic endeavors. A parent recently told me that coming from a free, virtual school to USPA, they no longer feel like just a number.

Before they were lost in the shuffle, and their son’s education was suffering. For them the idea was that ‘free became too expensive.’ They weren’t willing to sacrifice their son’s education.”

For the equestrian world, full of athletes traveling to compete, USPA provides a more complete solution. However, Kim Dow says, “Remember, USPA is not for everyone. We do not operate on a “sign up and you’re in” philosophy. The application process may be seen by some as rigorous. We make every effort to ensure student success, and clearly explain expectations for students when they join the USPA community. The strength in USPA comes from our student body, their stories, and our community. I’m confident that we are a great fit for equestrian athletes, but we like to start exploring that fit with a simple ‘hello’.”

For more information about US Performance Academy, visit To discuss whether your athlete would be a great fit, call USPA President, Peter Smith at 617-448-7016.