September 2016 - Show Report: Menlo Charity
Written by CRM
Wednesday, 31 August 2016 21:03
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Guy Thomas and Jonkheer Z lead the victory gallop in the $40,000 Bentley Los Gatos and Bentley San Francisco Grand Prix.

Saturday is a special day at Menlo Charity Horse Show. From the Leadline to the $40,000 Bentley Los Gatos and Bentley San Francisco Grand Prix, there truly is an event for everyone, including the Third Annual Tailgate Party hosted by Bentley San Los Gatos and Bentley Los San Francisco. Beautiful Bentleys adorned the lawn and equestrian furnishings provided by ELLA Palo Alto complemented the spectacular cars on display.

As the convertible Bentley arrived on the grass jumper field and the riders warmed up, an earlier start was announced. With 31 horses in the $40,000 Bentley Los Gatos and Bentley San Francisco Grand Prix the race was on to beat nightfall.

Guy Thomas and Jonkheer Z.

Nine horses came back for the jump-off, Kristen Hardin was first back on the field with Bert to set the pace at 43 seconds, but had an unfortunate rail. Guy Thomas and Jonkeer Z are, at this point, the first pair to make it round in under 41 seconds. Thomas then set the pace for the rest of the field. At the end of the day, although others really put the pedal down, no one could beat this pair’s time giving Guy his third win in the last five years at Menlo.

Hope Glynn’s daughter Avery showed Always Happy, who is owned by Brooke Morin, and garnered three blue ribbons on her first day of MCHS in the Medium/Large Pony Hunter classes and NorCal Pony Equitation Medal. Photo: Alden Corrigan Media

“I am so fortunate to have a horse like this to ride, a week ago in Sonoma he was brilliant. We were first in the ring and first jump-off and he won it. Every time we go into the ring I feel more connected, more and more of a team. But he got me a little bit worried tonight before he got back into the ring he took a major liking to the Flag Horses and being a stallion he was beside himself in the warm up ring, luckily once we got in there and jumped the first fence, I thought, best stay out of his way, he’s going to jump clean again if you don’t screw it up.

“He was brilliant in the first round and I knew, coming back just like last week, when Kristin (Hardin) was behind me on Firestone S, Bobby (Robert Blanchette) on his stallion (Lazur), Daniel Zilla, sneaky fast, and I thought I had to put enough pressure on them. I did not want to be that tight back to the second fence, I turned back to the second fence and I thought I am completely screwed, I thought, you just gave it away.

There was either the really long one or it was a mess and thank God my horse said, “sit still, I got this covered you just hang on” and then it was just try to be smooth as possible from there and he was brilliant again,” said Guy Thomas. “When he bailed me out at the second fence and I thought don’t be stupid, you’ve already taken a hell of a shot here, just be smart. He was great to the Rhys Vineyards jump and I was able to catch a flyer at the Bentley, for some reason I saw the one to go ahead to the vertical and I thought maybe you’re a little bit quick but he landed and he just turned back under me like a small horse, he likes to win and luckily I can stay out of his way.”

Ironman & Hannah Goodson-Cut, winners of the $2,500 Kristen Kendall, Wells Fargo Advisors A/O 3’3 Hunter Classic.

Guy’s next goal is the World Cup™, there are two qualifiers coming up, and Jonkeer Z has been to two World Cup Finals with Karl Cook, who rode him previously, Guy hopes they continue to click and that everything goes right and he can maybe end up at the World Cup Finals in Omaha.

MCHS is Guy’s home show, on home turf. He was born at Stanford University Hospital, only two miles down the road, and he now works out of Stanford’s Red Barn. Guy along with his parents Butch and Lu Thomas original supporters of the event from day 1, has been attending the show for 38 years ... almost his entire life.

“It always fun to win, but Menlo makes it a little bit more special. Even today I had past students coming to the Grand Prix that I hadn’t seen in a year and people you don’t see all the time, so it’s really nice,”explained Guy.

Edited press release provided by Menlo Charity Horse Show.