May 2015 - Tracio
Written by CRM
Saturday, 02 May 2015 04:02
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Dancing Kings Farm’s qualified Spanish sire poised to make his mark on the American dressage scene.

Shae Lovazzano and her mother Tina Lovazzano, both USDF gold medalist riders, have been fans of the Iberian breed as dressage horses for many years. That’s why they went to Spain last year to look for another top prospect. But when they found the handsome stallion Tracio, of 100 percent Guardiola lines, their goals broadened to include breeding.

“We were not really driven to go down the stallion owner path,” explains Tina. “But we fell in love with Tracio. When they said, ‘By the way, he’s a qualified stallion,’ that piqued our interest. We began to realize we might be able to spread his remarkable bloodlines in America.” Shae and Tina are already doing so by offering Tracio to breeders, as of this year, while also continuing his FEI dressage training toward the goal of debuting at Grand Prix by year’s end.

Familiarity with Tracio’s bloodlines has brought instant interest to the Lovazzanos’ Dancing Kings Farm, which has locations in Northern California’s Morgan Hill and Woodside. “We are really pleased with the response he’s getting already,” Tina notes.

The 16.3 hh PRE stallion earned the coveted status of Qualified/Calificado in the Spanish studbook, and he is also “Recommended Breeding Stock” for dressage by the ANCCE. Tracio’s sire, Martelillo IV, and his dam, Hipica II, are originally from the Guardiola stud. Tracio’s great grandsire, Maromo, is a well-known and respected Guardiola sire. Reflected four times in Tracio’s pedigree is the legendary Terry Bacado stud, Gorron II, Shae explains. He represents the beauty and conformational breed type of his mother and the strength and great movements of his father, for the best of both worlds. “His character is the perfect blend of both parents,” Shae adds. “The willingness to go forward and cooperate from his father and his outstanding temperament from his mother.”

Dazzling & Gentle

Tracio is an absolute dazzler in the dressage court. “Collection, athleticism, power and presence” are Dancing Kings’ marketing buzzwords and the stallion embodies all these traits fully. Shae has extensive experience with both Spanish horses and Warmbloods and she describes Tracio as more Warmblood-like in his athleticism and the grace and quality of movements that makes possible. He is built for dressage, starting with uphill conformation that is rare to find in a PRE, Shae notes. Pronounced and long withers, a good top line and a long croup, are additional dressage-friendly physical characteristics, along with strong and solid bones, hooves and overall structure.

Tracio’s dressage career began at 4, when he debuted in a national Three-Star competition in his native Spain, placing seventh in a field of 20 horses that included many Warmbloods. His score of 67% classified him for the country’s Young Horses Championships in 2009. The next year, he earned his endorsement as a dressage stallion from Spain’s Ministry of Agriculture and Cattle. In 2013, Tracio passed his Calificado stallions test and debuted at St. Georges and Intermediare I, with scores in the 65% range. Shae plans to compete him primarily on the open dressage circuit, with an occasional foray into the breed circuit, starting with the Andalusian World Cup in Las Vegas this fall, the breed’s biggest competition.

Tracio’s power and pizzazz in dressage contrast with his extremely calm demeanor around the barn. In general, Spanish horses are known for being easy to handle and having excellent ground manners and Tracio takes this positive stereotype to another level. Even with mares nearby, he’s a gentleman at all times, including out on trail rides. And going from the breeding shed to the dressage ring on the same day is never a problem, Shae reports, so juggling showing, training and collection should be a breeze.

Tracio offers unique potential to breeders with all dressage aspirations, from elite riders intent on breeding and developing their own international prospect to amateurs looking for a super athletic, easily manageable and above all, enjoyable equine partner.

For more information, visit or call Shae Lovazzano 650-704-2924.