May 2015 - Chiquita
Written by Kim F. Miller
Saturday, 02 May 2015 02:25
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Little mare’s unknown past dissolves in her bright future with young rider and trainer.

by Kim F. Miller

Amy Segar and Chiquita, with trainer Anjelica Glosup.

No one knows much about Chiquita’s past, but the little mare’s future seems bright now that she’s endeared herself to young trainer Anjelica Glosup and her students at Rosewood Equestrian in Santa Clarita.

The approximately 6 year old Chiquita is just 14.3 hh but she occupies a big place in the heart of 14 year old rider Amy Segar. They got off to a good start showing in the ETI Corral 118 Simi Valley Awards Circuit series, winning the 14-18 English division by earning points in Country Pleasure, Pleasure and, especially, Equitation classes. Next, they stepped up to regionally rated competition with the Camelot show in February. There they earned three ribbons in the Long Stirrup division, and a reserve championship honor up against at least one big Warmblood who had just returned from competing at the HITS Thermal circuit, says trainer Anjelica. She describes the Camelot outing as Amy’s first “real jumping class,” and she is proud of both horse and rider.

Chiquita came to Anjelica’s barn 18 months ago, through a friend who had received the mare from a man who has since passed away. In her sturdy hooves, coloring and thick fetlocks, she looks like a Mustang, although she does not have the BLM brand found on Mustangs removed from public lands. Anjelica’s friend received the mare not knowing she was pregnant. She kept gaining weight, despite being put on a diet, and eventually delivered a foal who died shortly after birth.

Anjelica believes Chiquita had been used as a Charro horse. “She didn’t have any fine tuned training,” she reports. “But she didn’t spook at anything and it turns out she has the greatest temperament. If you turn her out in the paddock, she goes crazy, but the minute someone is on her back, she is a sweetheart. She is really great with kids.” Anjelica and her assistant, Karli Frederick, put four or five months of training on Chiquita, who took to jumping small fences as if she’d been bred for it.

Amy Segar and Chiquita, with trainer Anjelica Glosup.

Meanwhile, Amy has turned out to be a perfect partner. The high school freshman is petite in size and had gained experience with her own Pony Of America, who is now 23. Amy trades stable chores for the chance to ride and take lessons on Chiquita. “Amy and Chiquita are an especially good pair,” Anjelica reports. “Amy is the sweetest girl and is very particular about Chiquita’s care and health. She always takes about 30 minutes to get her ready before a lesson and is very organized in how she cares for her.”

Just 22, Anjelica opened Rosewood Equestrian, located at Windmill Ridge in Santa Clarita, two years ago. She first rode at 3 and has always dreamed of owning her own training business. When Windmill’s owners had a 10-stall opening, she took a deep breath and went for it. Anjelica began with two lesson horses and now owns six. At the Bunny Slide reining competition in late March, she earned the Rookie Professional honor, competing on a client’s 9-year-old reining Quarter Horse, Roocat.

Growing up, she competed in english and western disciplines, just about everything except dressage, and that passion for and experience with all types of horses and riding styles has carried on in her professional pursuits. She is working toward her U.S. Hunter Jumper Assn. trainer certification and taking dressage lessons with plans to compete in that ring, too. “I want to continue my education as a trainer and set a good example for my students.”

The trainer currently has students competing in Western Pleasure, Trail and various english disciplines. Breeds in her barn include Warmbloods, Thoroughbreds, Quarter Horses, ponies and even a Gypsy Cob. She takes her growing clientele to compete on the ETI, Interscholastic Equestrian League and, increasingly, the rated hunter/jumper circuit.

Of her star students, Chiquita and Amy, Anjelica predicts they’ll continue their winning ways for a good few years before Amy may outgrow the diminutive equine star. If the past is an indicator, it should be a very good few years!