April 2018 - “Insure” Your Unicorn
Written by CRM
Wednesday, 28 March 2018 18:23
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LEGIS Equine raises funds for horses and horsemen.

These days, social media is filled with people professing appreciation and admiration for the “unicorns” in their life. In fact, “unicorn” has entered our societal lexicon as someone or something who is too good to be true, or less fallible than others.

LEGISequine.com recognizes the value of unicorns in our lives and is taking things one step further by allowing people to honor their unicorns. On April 1, better known as “April Fools Day” you can “insure” your unicorn, or a host of other mythical creatures.

LEGIS has partnered with two national level charities, U.C. Davis Center for Equine Research and the USHJA Foundation, to raise funds while honoring the unicorns in our lives. While unicorns are indeed popular, LEGIS is offering people a choice of mythical creatures they can “insure” (via a donation to one of the two charities) or people can select their own mythical creature.

Visit the LEGIS website (www.legisequine.com) and go to the Community page to fill our your LEGIS Mythical Creature “Insurance” Application. Be prepared to describe your mythical creature, from the length of your unicorn’s horn to the wingspan of your Pegasus. Select the equine focused charity you wish to support and pay your “insurance premium” by selecting a donation amount of your choice.

LEGIS, along with its insurance partner, Bascule, will add to the donation amounts at the end of the campaign. You can “insure” your mythical creature beginning on April 1 through April 5.

Press release provided by LEGIS Equine. For more information, visit www.legisequine.com.