October 2015 - Braideez
Written by CRM
Wednesday, 30 September 2015 22:09
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It’s easy to go conventional or crazy with innovative, flexible braiding wire.

Braideez flexible braiding wire is a year-round go-to product for any owner who braids their horse’s mane or tail, for show or fun.

The innovative equine product born of the crafting world is especially popular this time of year. The season of dressing up horses commences with Halloween and continues through fall festivals and the holiday celebrations. Braideez are just the ticket for creativity limited only by the imagination.

Candy corn and ghosts are just a few of the clever things Braideez creator Sandy Rabinowitz has seen her clients weave into their horses’ manes and tails thanks to her product’s effectiveness.

The non-toxic, plastic covered copper wires make braiding easy for anybody, both conventional braids for competition and crazy braids for playdays. Even for kids and beginners, Braideez makes it a breeze to weave and secure a tight, tidy braid and they keep the braids neat for much longer than what’s possible with yarn or elastics. Thanks to their plastic coating, the wires slip out easily when it’s time to undo manes and tails and they don’t damage the hair.

Packages of Braideez come with clear instructions, which are supplemented by videos online. Folded in half, the wire is placed into the start of the braid, then its two strands are woven in along with two of the braid’s three hair segments. At the braid’s end, the wires are wrapped around tightly, then used to tuck and secure the end of the braid at the mane’s base.

Braideez help give substance to thin manes and help tame thick ones. An artist who specializes in copper wire sculptures, Sandy says Braideez are best described as a sculptural medium.” When the braids are completed, they can be twisted, looped, scalloped or otherwise “sculpted” in endless ways.

They are reusable and come in standard brown, black and white, plus “party packs” of fun, bright colors that suit many occasions. They are sold in packs of 25, in two lengths: the original 32” and a new 64” length. The addition of longer Braideez came from demand from owners of Friesians, Spanish breeds and other horses with long manes.

Braideez aren’t just about braiding. Sandy has found many uses for them around the barn. She uses them to secure a summer fly sheet, braiding one end into the tail and the other looped through or otherwise secured to the end of the blanket. They are quick fixes for securing things around the stable: like a hoofpick or sponge to the saddle when heading out on trail. Put in place with a few quick twists, such items can easily be attached or released.

Sandy created Braideez after many years with aching fingers after braiding her own dressage horse’s mane. From a family of inventors, she had worked with her family’s patented arts and craft wire, Twisteezwire, for many years before its application in the equestrian world occurred to her.

When it did, Braideez took off fast and is now popular throughout the United States and with many customers across the pond, too.   

For more information, visit www.braideez.com.