October 2018 - No More Rated Shows
Written by CRM
Thursday, 27 September 2018 19:54
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Open Letter from Camelot Equestrian Park.

Camelot Equestrian Park Foundation will not host a rated show at Camelot (in Northern California’s Butte Valley) in 2019. With sadness and some relief, we have concluded that the rigors of hosting a USEA recognized Event exceeds our current resources and resolve.

Camelot Equestrian Park Foundation, Mike and Connie Ballou continue to support the USEA and have great admiration for those venues that are able to consistently put on successful rated shows.

The Camelot cross-country course will continue to be open for schooling and we are open to hosting possible schooling events and camps. We invite you all to attend our 11th Annual Ride & Dine on October 13. It’s a great opportunity to school the course in the morning and attend the “Best Party of the Year” in the afternoon.

We appreciate all that Terry Hilst has done for Camelot. We congratulate her and wish her success with her well-earned status as a USEA licensed Course Designer.

We thank all of you who have supported our past shows and hope you will continue to support us by visiting us regularly!

--Connie Ballou, executive director Camelot Equestrian Park