November 2017 - Holiday Gift Guide
Written by CRM
Monday, 30 October 2017 21:35
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The shopping clock is ticking, so we hope these suggestions will help you get cracking with thoughtful, equestrian themed gifts for everybody on your “nice” list.


Stocking Stuffer Socks

Georgia Horseback’s line of premium tall boot socks are comfortable and provide high performance on and off the horse.  They feature an ultra-high performance padded Coolmax Pro footbed that wicks away moisture and keeps feet dry and cool so you can train harder.  They will stay up - and won’t let you down. Graphics include “Born To Ride,” Keep Calm & Ride, “Stressage” and a fun rainbow pattern.

Paper Chase

Self-described “stationery nerd” Amy Summer Ellison had “a tough time finding equestrian themed stationary that wasn’t a vintage hunt scene or comic strip, so I set out to make my own.” The result is Hunt Seat Paper Co., and its charming line of notecards, gift tags, wrapping paper and art prints. The extensive gift card inventory ranges from happy birthday options to “Resting Mare Face,” with an image of beautiful, bossy mare’s face, to “Fancy Ass,” which features handsome, dappled hindquarters with a perfectly plaited tail. Any item here would be fun to give or have!

Wild For Horses

This one-of-a-kind book of horse posters and flash cards is packed with stunning images and essential information. Two dozen posters of all-time favorite breeds like Arabian, Shetland Pony and Lipizzaner show off the beauty of these majestic creatures, and kids can show them off, too: these pull-out pages are ready to hang on a bedroom wall, with two additional 12 x 30 posters that capture horses’ grandeur. Finally, each of the 24 punch-out flash cards includes a pocketsize photo and fun facts. With both magnificent, ready-to-hang images and portable breed profiles, this unique package offers total immersion for horse-loving kids.