July 2017 - Celebrating our NAJYRC Riders!
Written by CRM
Saturday, 01 July 2017 17:25
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Hard work & talent culminate in a trip to North American Junior Young Riders Championship for our region’s top teams.

The Adequan/FEI North American Junior Young Riders Championships, presented by Gotham North, is the premier equestrian competition in North America for riders age 14-21. Competition includes the Olympic disciplines of jumping, eventing and dressage, plus para-dressage and the World Equestrian Games disciplines of reining, endurance and vaulting. This year, NAJYRC jumping adds a new acronym: “CH” for the Childrens Jumper Championships, for riders 12-14.

As a preparation for competing at the highest levels, the NAJYRC adheres to rules set forth by the International Equestrian Federation, the FEI, and it is the only FEI championship held annually on this continent.

There’s a big twist this year in that jumping, dressage and eventing won’t be held at the same venue. Jumping and dressage take place in HITS Saugerties, NY, July 18-23 and eventing will be held at Rebecca Farm in Kalispell, MT.

It’s too bad from the standpoint of all these young riders not getting to watch and interact with each other and learn about other styles of riding as they have in the past. But we haven’t heard any eventers complain about having their Championships staged at the relatively close Montana venue, where a terrific staff has been hosting wonderful events for 15 years. This Championship takes place July 19-23.

We are thrilled to introduce you to all of the horse/rider pairs who earned the chance to ride for our area – USHJA Zone 10 jumping riders; USEA Area VI eventers and USDF Region 7 dressage stars.

Many thanks to eventing chef d’equipe Lauren Billys and coach Bec Braitling and to USDF Region 7’s Jr/YR Coordinator (& Riding Magazine sales associate) Cassidy Gallman for helping us corral these profiles and pictures. Given that the qualifying processes for all three disciplines ended just a few days before deadline, it was no small feat!

Meet our Horse Rider Pairs

USHJA Zone 10 Jumping: Hayden Zadel, Natalie Dean, Sarah Baz, Dalan Laughlin, Sydney Hutchins, Hannah Loly, Alyce Bittar, Sophie Siegel, Katherine Brewer, Danielle Lean, Alexa Leong, Virginia Bonnie, Dylan Laiken & Clea Caddell (click here).

USEA Area VI Eventing: Sophie Hulme, Madison Temkin, Megan Traynham, Katie Canario, Bella Dowen, Mallory Hogan, Kaley Sapper, Sophie Tice, Delaney Vaden (click here).

USDF Region 7 Dressage: Lauren Asher, Nila Venkat, Veronica West, Aleyna Dunn, Ava Dingley, Ben Ebeling, Christian Simonson (click here).