March 2019 - Tick Apocalypse?
Written by CRM
Wednesday, 27 February 2019 05:20
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New natural solution effectively tackles dangerous ticks.

If you thought you were safe from Lyme disease because you don’t live in New England, where the tick-borne illness first appeared, think again.

Now, all 50 states plus the District of Columbia have residents who have tested positive for Lyme disease.

Lyme disease is a bacterial infection that can cause a wide variety of symptoms, including joint aches, fatigue, facial palsy, neck stiffness and possibly death.

Lyme disease is now the most commonly reported vector-borne illness in the United States.  In 2015, it was the sixth most common Nationally Notifiable disease.

Important note of interest: In only one hour’s time, a biting tick can transmit potentially fatal diseases.

More Scary Stats

Another new tick species has been found in Maryland. It gorges on so much blood it kills itself, and lays up to 2,000 eggs at one time, with no male ticks even needed. These are known as Asian ticks or Longhorned ticks.

Asian ticks are relatively new to the U.S., but they are spreading at alarming rates.

How do you keep your horses and other pets safe from these tenacious and dangerous pests?

As most folks have experienced, most fly, flea, or tick products rarely work effectively for stopping ticks from getting onto your horses or other pets.

Do you know why?

Whether they are natural or full of toxic chemicals, whether they are applied topically or given orally, repellents never seem to successfully keep ticks off of horses or pets, do they?

This is because repelling a tick is nearly impossible and killing one is very time consuming.

Luckily, there is a new revolutionary new natural spray that actually deflects ticks called Ticks-Off.

What makes Ticks-Off different from all other tick products on the market?

Unlike all other tick products, Ticks-Off is not trying repel ticks.

Instead of attempting to repel ticks, Ticks-Off’s unique proprietary blend effectively and immediately deflects the ticks, preventing them from ever getting on your horses or pets’ coat in the first place. Which is the only way to safely protect your horses and pets from being bitten by a tick.

The problem with repellent products is that they actually allow ticks onto the animal, and then they ‘hope’ to eventually either repel or possibly kill them, hopefully…

Unfortunately, this can take potentially up to three days to accomplish. And where do the ticks go to that do get repelled, if a repellent actually repels them? Often, they are repelled into your barn, or home, or onto your other pets, or even your family members.

Do you want to continue allowing ticks onto your pets by using traditional repellent products, such as sprays, collars, and spot-on drops?

Or do you want to effectively protect your pets from ticks in the first place?

Ticks-Off is the revolutionary new, safe, and effective natural solution for keeping your pets safe from tick bites. Ticks-Off is the one and only tick deflective spray.

Ticks-Off creates a natural barrier on your pets’ coat that stops ticks from getting onto your horses or pets in the first place. And the best part is that no toxic chemicals are used in Ticks-Off.

This easy to apply, residue-free spray is a uniquely designed formula that is also a natural coat conditioner. Just spray on – and your pet is immediately Too Slick for Ticks to Stick!

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