September 2016 - Glam Up Your Grooming Game
Written by CRM
Thursday, 01 September 2016 05:45
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Custom, personalized products add flare & fun to function.

A comprehensive set of quality grooming tools is essential to any equestrian’s arsenal of supplies but they rarely lend themselves to expressing any sense of style or personal touch.

Thanks to an entrepreneurial equestrian Brandy-Michelle Hart, Horse Hopes by Cheval Designs, LLC offers a variety of custom-designed, personalized products to meet a range of grooming needs.

“What started as a search to purchase a personalized grooming set for myself resulted in my disappointment as I found very few options, poor quality or steep prices,” says Brandy-Michelle, who started Horse Hopes in the late fall of 2015, later incorporating into Cheval Designs, LLC in early spring 2016. “This ultimately fueled my decision to literally take matters into my own hands and create these custom products myself.”

After creating the first few personalized brushes and proudly sharing them on Facebook, interest quickly sparked. What was meant to be a quick personal project took on a life of its own, assuming the name “Horse Hopes” and having its own dedicated Facebook page and Etsy shop to facilitate orders.

Since then, Horse Hopes’ products have been ordered by individuals, horse show organizations, and therapeutic riding programs across the U.S. and around the world, Brandy reports.

“Brandy’s intricate detail and craftsmanship create an unforgettable, personalized, high-quality product,” says hunter/jumper trainer Julie Weiss of Elpis Enterprises in San Diego. “She puts meticulous care into each design she makes--her work is less focused on labor and more on an expression of art tailored to each individualized request she receives.”

Horse Hopes has a variety of options, with prices ranging from $15-$35 for grooming products and $55-$75 for personalized wood grooming totes. Grooming products include: soft and medium face brushes, soft, medium and hard body brushes (in both standard and child size), mud brushes, dual fiber brushes, mane and tail brushes, hoof picks, curry combs and solid wood grooming totes, all customizable with images and text (such as a name, initials, etc.). Discounts are available for bulk orders.

Clients are invited to provide their own custom logo or image or can select from over 50 stock images and an endless array of fonts to design their products. Alternatively, a client may request that a custom graphic be created for their order.

After a design has been selected, the creation process begins. Using a unique engraving technique called pyrography, each product is created by hand by permanently burning the design into the wood portion of the product, which is then sealed to provide a protective layer and a glossy, polished finish.

Horse Hopes by Cheval Designs, also offers personalization options via hand-painting, metal engraving and embroidery design for products including:  premium natural fiber or synthetic fiber brushes of all shapes and sizes, hoof picks, curry combs, grooming totes, stall signs, bridle racks, tack nameplates, nameplate bracelets, polo shirts, jackets, hats and canvas bags, with world-wide shipping available.

Press release provided by Horse Hopes by Cheval Designs. For more information, visit, or contact by phone at 571-242-6863.